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Finding Unicorn Customers

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Unicorns are magical beings. They are beautiful and mystical. You know when you’ve found one and you’ll never forget that experience. You must believe with all your heart they exist in order to have the strength and endurance to go on a quest to find them because they are not easily found. Once you find a true unicorn however you know there must be more of them out there somewhere and so you quest continues!

Unicorn Customers are also beautiful, mystical, graceful and magical. They are the people who purchase your products, send you referrals and are consistent advocates of what you have brought into their lives. Ah, yes the magical Unicorn Customer does exist and they are incredibly beneficial to a small business depending on regular consistent customer purchases month over month.

Do you know a Unicorn when you find one?

What a Unicorn Really Looks Like

Unicorn Customers are hidden gems among us every day. They may at first be shy and resistant but once you show them in your own special messaging all that you have to offer they eagerly follow and provide the secret passageway to where other Unicorn Customers like them like to hang out.

When you first start out trying to find Unicorn Customers many of us don’t know what to look for, where to search or even what makes up a Unicorn. After a while of trying different spots and asking all we know we can even give up hope they exist! The true spirit though knows better and continues their search long and far for these wonderful beings.

Unicorn Customers are drawn first from our detailed description of what we imagine a Unicorn to look like. Like an artist we craft this detailed drawing of all the details we can recall about who they are and what makes them a Unicorn.

What they look like

What their comfortable habitat looks like

What they like to eat, including their favorite dessert and beverage

Their favorite type of books to read

What type of car they drive

Where they go on vacation

What type of clothes they like

Where they shop for groceries

What they watch on TV

What movies attract them

What they like to do with their friends when they get together

Do they have children

Do they like cats or dogs

How they like to workout

What type of profession they have

Where they went to school or if they’re still going

What they are interested in on social media

What catches their attention

What’s important to them socially, politically and culturally

How they release stress

Unicorns in Disguise

Even though they are Unicorns, many are not easily recognized because they are covered by a pain point that needs to be fixed first. Once resolved, their natural beauty radiates and they become full fledged Unicorn Customers. Just like knowing what a Unicorn looks like we must describe in great detail all the tings that could cause a Unicorn Customer pain.

What is painful in their life?

What keeps them up at night?

What is wrong with their health?

Where are they concerned?

What do they worry about?

What are they struggling to resolve or conquer?

There may be more than 1 problem but picking one that can be quickly or easily resolved allows our Unicorn Customers to begin to have hope and be open to looking at expanding help to other areas of their life that also needs attention.

For me sharing doTERRA is easy when I know someone’s pain point. How are they sleeping? Are they struggling with diet and weight? Are their hormones a hot mess? Do they suffer from depression, anxiety or other emotional need? Do they lack energy to get through their day? How is their digestion? Tackling even one of these issues helps someone see results that are achievable and they are more interested in finding what else natural health can do for them.

Finding out what these pains are takes time and lots of questions asked with true interest for what is happening to this person and gently offering something that could help them. Again, remember Unicorns can be highly shy and resistant to something new so you must approach slowly, honestly and be focused on them and not just a reward for finding them.

Unicorn You

Establishing a relationship with all your customers is critical for long term success. Fostering these relationships takes time and trust must be earned. Not only is this the making of a long lasting business relationship but it could also be a wonderful friend! Unicorn Customer or not someone trusted you enough to make a purchase from you and you owe it to them to give your best to them at every encounter.

The best advice I can give you is to be genuine and always be yourself. Make the connection with your customers sincere and personal. You are your own brand and the service you provide, the way you make your customers feel and how you meet their needs and interests are what will set you apart from all the other representatives who distribute what you do. Doing so will ensure that your customers see you as a Unicorn that stands out from all the other distributors who are just pushing their product onto them without a care for anything else but making a sale.

You however, are different to them. You know what special feels like and you only give the best to your customers, treating them like VIPS. They see and feel that difference and consider you a rare find, that mystical being called a Unicorn.

Interested in more?

Finding great customers starts with you defining what that looks like for your business. Not all customers will be Unicorns but the ones that are will stand out in drastic contrast to all the rest and you’ll know what your makes your business special to them. At the same time being a Unicorn yourself by providing superior service, paying attention to the details and not following slimy sales tactics will set you apart.

If you have questions or would like help. Please reach out! I’m happy to help.

If you’re a Unicorn looking for other service oriented Unicorns interested in meeting the needs of others and helping them succeed on their natural health journey then you absolutely need our business packs!

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