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For When You Don't Feel Wealthy

There are plenty of days I really struggle with feeling my best. Yes, here I am the gal always telling you about what it feels like to live naturally well saying there are a lot of days I fight for it. There are just some days it is not all rainbows and unicorns and instead we find ourselves knee deep in the storm just trying to survive. I share the truth on this in saying there are just days finding the balance of living naturally in with the harshness of life reality has you eating Little Debbie cakes while you cry and talk about how much bullshit there really is in life.

While I firmly believe it is possible and definitely better to feel naturally wealthy in our lives and live that true North way, life has a way of beating you to a pulp. It wears on you to the point you just feel exhausted, burned out and ready to sink into some stretchy pants. It is hard to feel past that pain and frustration on some days when it is all crashing down around you. I’m a realist and think part of living naturally is accepting what we cannot control and finding our own way of dealing with it. The living naturally well part is where we find the release and healing that brings us back from the brink and prevents us from living in the fog forever.

It is when we wallow in that state of numbness and emotional eating that we forget this should be just a short refuge to regain our strength. Instead we feel mind numb and constantly tired from the ongoing stress without ever finding our footing to be warriors against it. Stress has a way of making us all victims at times and we can live in that scared space a long time. When that happens we also lose our natural wealth that gives us the confidence and encouragement we need to fight back and make changes to this wallowing numbness. We lose ourselves, our dreams and even hopes instead.

Natural wealth is always there though, even when we feel like we can’t use it or it’s not for us. It is what we use to chase dreams and see them manifest one baby step at a time because we are focusing and investing in them with our own energy. It takes bravery, confidence and encouragement to do that and those things are natural wealth deposits we make for ourselves. That is very hard to do at times though when we are being beaten down from life’s merciless waves chasing. It can seem chasing a dream sounds like like just one more thing on the to-do list I won’t get done today or that is reserved for special people who have time and money.

For those times I don’t feel wealthy and certainly don’t look it in my stretch pants. You know the ones that have a bleach spatter on the leg from that one time doing laundry, well I have to give myself grace. In that moment, when I feel chaos in every corner of my life and stuff is upside down with frustration and stress I have to give myself grace. The part of wealthy that no one tells you about is sometimes it is simply having grace with yourself. How wealthy it is indeed to say it is alright I feel like a mess and my life is full of messy things but I am alright through it all. Natural wealth indeed to recognize where I need rest and give it myself without guilt in those moments.

Sometime we go so hard in life at all the things – mom life needs, wife needs, being a friend, doing our jobs, pursuing dreams, doing the impossible and then some that we get tired and burned out. Sometimes things go wrong or things happen that hurt us deeply. It knocks us down and it sucks. These things take the wealth of our soul and spills it on the floor as we try to fix, support, lend, protect and serve those around us. It is what we women do, every day. When night is there and we are wiped out, our wealth account feels empty. There is nothing left to give and we ourselves have had very little in return given and shared with us. For those times I feel like this, I remember the real wealth of my soul is in grace.

In so many ways I have come to think of natural wealth as grace itself. It is ever flowing and yet so many of us don’t allow ourselves a sip of it. We think we don’t have time or don’t deserve it. There is also the fear of what others will say or think of us if they see us enjoying it. Wealth and grace are so sought after and yet when we find them there is such guilt in actually enjoying them fully and openly. It is like stashing away a favorite box of cookies and enjoying them after the entire family is asleep so we don’t feel bad for now wanting to share them.

So even in the times I don’t feel wealthy it is still there waiting for me to use it. It is expanded through my own energy of depositing positive in my life. When I invest in myself to do what is right for myself, including giving myself grace during storms, it gives me the fulfillment of needs. This my friend is where confidence comes from that empowers us to emerge from storms bravely and have grace when we need more time. That is natural wealth and we all have it inside us to build on.

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