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Forging Your Own Path

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

When you start a new direct sales business often the person who enrolled you spends a little time giving you an orientation, helping you get started and showing you what they know. This is an important meeting that can help you gather key information about the products, pay, incentives and strategy tips that may help you. I recommend highly that you research this in advance and use this meeting for questions or additional information. It is important to recognize that this meeting is only the beginning of your learning and what you hear in this meeting may not be all there is too it. Though you are in high learning mode from every source available you do still need to be sure that any business directions and decisions are made by you, are based on facts and good business strategy.

We won’t know all the answers or have the information when we first start out. This is understandable and can seem overwhelming so we can tend to take whatever help we can get initially. The advice, tips and tricks we receive however may not always be the best kind, true or even compliant with your company’s policies. Since this is your business it is critical that you verify all details and make informed decisions that are best for you and your business. Be a sponge of learning and a researcher to verify information.

Take it From Me

Let me give you some advice. Not all advice is good advice and not all advice should be applied to your business. You will get all kinds of advice of what to do and not do. People love talking about their experiences so they can help another avoid their mistakes but those same actions and decisions may not be a mistake at all for you. You will receive, hopefully, a lot of advice from the person who enrolled you. Your upline may be very savvy about this business or someone who is struggling and hasn’t really found their upward trajectory yet. The biggest thing to remember is what works or doesn’t work for them may be different for you. Learn all you can from this person even what they call mistakes or failures then assess, analyze and glean from all that information to find the nuggets of things critical for you to apply.

Learn what you can from them. Be open to the ideas and suggestions but realize at the end of the day this is your business to design and setup just the way you want it to be. If how they are running their business doesn’t feel good, represent you or align with your business plan and strategy then don’t follow in their steps! It’s ok to learn and see what they are doing but if that’s not your style or what you believe is right for you then say thank you and go do your own thing!

Your upline is a great person who introduced you to the incredible products and services you feel in love to the extent you wanted to start a business with it. Your upline has some experience and that can be helpful to you. Don’t discount what they tell you but realize that they may not have all the answers or even know where to look for them. As you start to enroll people to start their own business you’ll realize how much that new person is relying on you to help them start and their first successes could very much be dependent on how well you can orient, share, direct and support them with questions. The best advice you can give that person and yourself is to direct them to resources the company has so you can be assured you are sharing accurate and dependable information they can trust.