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Free to Hear Nature Speak

I was sitting in my home office this morning drinking coffee, scrolling social media and glancing out the window at the sun coming up. It was a quiet morning with everyone still sleeping. Our dog Daisy was by my side asking for the occasional ear scratching. It wasn’t unlike a morning I’ve had several times before today and yet this morning was distinctly different. This quiet time I carve out for myself by getting up early to write was different. I felt different and things just seemed different.

I’m not sure exactly why I had this feeling as my routine was the same as it always is on these types of mornings. I wake to the alarm going off at 5 and hit snooze a couple times. When I get up I quietly get dressed and Daisy and I go downstairs to start our day. While I wait for her I grab a coffee mug and sometimes I’ll move a load a wash to the dryer or take something out of the freezer for dinner later. She gets her cookie while I’m waiting on coffee. She then follows me to the office where I get busy posting the blog for the day and writing new content.

Yet today was different. I felt it. The day on the calendar wasn’t special, just a Thursday and I’d be logging into work in a couple hours. As I sat with this feeling looking out my window I slowly started to realize what was going on. I had changed. I had emerged from something and was about to start a new year in my life. My birthday was this coming Sunday and I would be another year older. I hadn’t made plans beyond hanging out at our pool and getting my husband to grill some burgers or steaks. Yet it wasn’t so much what I was going to do that was on my heart but what I had done. The journey I had made to this point. I was reflecting on the long road that had led me to having normal mornings with Daisy drinking coffee and writing blog posts.

Just like others I suppose, my journey contains it’s own stories of pain, sweet memories I hold close and adventures I have taken. My life is far from over but already there are so many things that have occurred all leading to this crossroads I find myself this morning. In my decisions to live more naturally I have come to understand that my ability to see my journey both behind me and what’s head more clearly. I am attuned to my needs and can hear my instincts kicking in to guide me. Growing a little older also gives you that wisdom that you start to form in your own heart and mind. The generational messages floating to you like rites of passage in perfect timing. I get it now. It makes more sense.

We choose every day how much we pay attention to that which goes on around us. The messages from nature and the Universe herself guiding us. It’s so easy for me to float through my morning routine and not realize time has passed, the sun is now up and I need to start work. While I cherish the quiet mornings to create, I realized I needed to let morning speak to me more closely this particular morning. I needed to move my laptop to the porch and let nature write this post. It wasn’t something I could just watch out my window this time. There was a deep calling for me to act, participate in and breathe deeply in knowing who I was and where I was headed in the new year of my life.

When we choose to live naturally, nature’s messages get real strong and loud sometimes. We live naturally when we are in balance to our needs and dreams with where we are now and developing that wisdom on where and how to move next. It is accepting the constant subtle changes we cannot control and rejoicing in them in beautiful wonder as life unfolds. We experience an awakening that prevents us from letting one more morning start without us acknowledging and recognizing nature’s role in our life. It is the active connection to nature as we move throughout our day leaning on her grace to keep us centered, focused, uplifted, motivated and passionate in our pursuits. It is realizing the abundance in our life even when there is challenge, strife, betrayal and hurt. Living naturally is an alignment of body, mind and spirit to the music of nature through it all.

In this quiet morning sitting in my favorite porch wicker rocker smelling the fresh coffee on the small table next to me and feeling Daisy’s fur touching my bare feet I felt nature’s love. I recognized the gift of my birthday this weekend from nature. The ability to start a normal Thursday sitting on my porch watching the sun print pinks across the sky and hear the birds start to wake was a reminder to me that I too must continue fully awake for what is next. The small things I do every day in my business, work, family and for myself all connect. I have the opportunity to further enrich those experiences to support my growing wisdom and connection to nature.

When it was time for me to go in and get ready for work, I put a little of the doTERRA Rose oil across my heart. With Rose oil having the highest frequency vibration of any living thing I knew this was the right oil for me today. I craved that sensation I had this morning of hearing nature’s beckoning to me to be close to her. I needed her enlightenment to see me through a Thursday that could have been a normal mundane day but could instead be a beautiful manifestation. I knew it was up to me for that path this day would unfold into but I also understood I wasn’t going into it unsupported without things that would remind me there was more I could do in this day and the year to come.

How will you choose to move in this day? Do you hear nature’s messages to you?

Decluttering our minds and hearts to hear these messages changes us in ways we don’t even expect. We experience touch, smell, sight, and hearing totally differently. We feel more alive and deeply in love with the beauty around us. Are you ready to experience it?

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