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Growing a Wild Story in 2020

I love to read books. The books I enjoy most are the tales that sweep you into another reality. There are challenges, complex relationships and hardships that let us feel the characters pain and see within their hearts of how they will overcome it all. I worry about these characters. While the books all seem to end in a way that brings closure and completion you know the characters move in a new way that is right for them. When I’m really engrossed in a good book I will let it sink into my dreams at night. and be on my mind all the next day. I cannot wait to pick up that book again and find out what happens next. This is how we should feel about living our life every day. We should feel filled with anticipation of what’s on the next page for us.

If your life was a book, would it be a thrilling tale that you couldn’t put down?

Many times we feel swept up in the drama and problems of our life. We don’t see the beauty of the things going on around us that fill our pages of life with blessings, love, kindness and memories. We stop seeing sunsets, ignore the calls of our kids to come play with them and our hearts are robbed of joy. Every day joy that lets us appreciate the small beautify things around us every day. Instead all we see if the commuting traffic taillights, routine and deadlines. It’s so easy to let every day demands steal our very excitement for what could be possible.

We are in fact the authors of our own life and able to write in the parts we want, dream of and want for us as the main characters in our story. I know some days that feels the farthest thing possible. There are so many times in my own days I’m stuck in non-stop meetings, a boss on my backside and just exhaustion from it all. By the time I’m done with work for the day I have a hard time shifting my mindset to the things and people I love. It’s hard to shake off the hard stuff and let a smile come back on my face some days. Yet I know if I don’t I am going to miss something really important and precious.

When I sat down and outlined what my small business would look like, I was dreaming of better times. My career was going miserably. I was hundreds of miles from home working incredibly long hours each day and nothing was going well. I was so tired. I missed my family and I wasn’t happy. There had to be a better way to make a living and not miss my son growing up. I couldn’t stop thinking about that challenge and when the opportunity came up I said yes. I had not one clue what it would mean but I said yes. It sounded better than where I was. It was in fact a start of a new chapter for me.

I believe that growing wild in 2020 can be the action we take to install new pages in our own book. I think we can actually work towards ending the bad chapters and finding things that make our book a lot more engrossing to be in every day. If nothing is going right or it is so routine it feels like a perpetual Ground Hog Day then it’s time for a fresh story, new chapter, even next paragraph!

As I sat in a boring hotel room in Maryland, I took out a notebook I had on hand and wrote out a new paragraph for myself. There were tears in my eyes because I was in so much turmoil and pain. I had to force myself to focus on options that would relieve that pain. I had to find a way home to my family and a life that wasn’t sucking the living zest right out of me. I needed to recapture the joy of living every day and not seeing all the ugly around me. For months, that piece of paper rode around in my purse, It was folded and unfolded many times. I struggled with thinking anything I wrote down could possibly come true against all the challenges I had in my way at that time.

Even if things are not dire, we may still need to force change in our life. We may be in need of sowing wild seeds in fresh dirt and charging forward in a new way we are not certain of or can even believe is possible. We may need to write new content that renews our curiosity and creative beauty in each day. When we let routine take up so much space in our life we can’t release it and see the good in ourselves it’s time for some wild to be planted in story. Be the heroine in your story and create the magical clue that solves the mystery in front of you right now.

Living naturally means finding those clues and answers that lead to the life you really want. You know the one that you have written on a piece of paper that’s hiding in your own purse. It takes courage to look at that paper and take the first steps to making those things come true. However when you do that you are becoming the heroine in your own story. You are forming that new chapter in your life a little bit at a time and holding out that small shiver of hope in the darkest of times. It is after all your story so you can even write in a handy lantern to help you through those dark times and see the path ahead is one of your own making.

Doing what is right for us and being true to our hearts is what will create those stories of our life we are most proud. It will be the pivotal moments where we don’t know what to do but we choose a path that just feels right in our gut. The difference is we can begin letting every day life become a part of our journey rather than another rinse and repeat of a routine that isn’t filling our soul. Let 2020 be the year you start to add new chapters to your journey.

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