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Having Wealthy Friends

I have always enjoyed a mix of friends that are very diverse in where they are in life and who they are as people. I would describe my friends as a kaleidoscope of interesting people you meet along the way of making it through life. There are friends I have a lot of fun with and those that I call when I have to unburden my soul. They are wealthy to me. There is something deep within each of them, even the ones I am not as close to that extends something to me by our friendship with each other.

The wealthiest of my friends are not the ones with the most money in my view. They are the ones I see as having the happiest life. It looks complete and I feel a part of that when I am around them. The wealth of their life is displayed around us with pictures of their family on the walls, noise of the kids playing and stacks of laundry waiting to be folded. It may not seem like a wealthy lifestyle but you feel good being in it. There is happiness, laughter and security in knowing this is a good moment to enjoy.

I have found wealth is often nothing more than a reflection about something we feel we don’t have enough of in our own life. Most of the time we think that is money we are lacking but in truth I have never known any rich person who wasn’t always seeking something more too. For me it is usually something like how full their house is with friends and family hanging together that gets me thinking they are wealthy or the fact they go on so many adventures and trips with others. Those are things I desire in my own life and when I hear my friends doing that I want to go too! It is when you truly have this other side of wealth through friendships and relationships that wealth blossoms and life feels rich. Under this description, I consider all of my friends wealthy.

The beautiful part of wealth is the ability to share it with others because it makes it expand. Unlike money wealth, having wealthy friends just keeps expanding the amount of real friends you have in your life. They really don’t care if you have a dollar to your name because they find you are great to be around. You lift them up, bring encouragement and strength and share something you have just by being you that they see as wealth. When we think of it this way, being wealthy is nothing more than the fulfillment of our needs that creates this feeling of completeness. Money while super fun and nice to have, has never made anyone feel that way.

Wealth is also natural. It is a part of what it means to move in a way that feels good down to our soul. We are liberated from the things in life that are always threatening to hold us back from living to our full potential. There is confidence that comes from being wealthy. In my own experience a few good friends in your corner is sometimes the best way to gain much needed confidence and feel supported.

As I consider each of my friends I see a wealth of knowledge, experience, craftiness and other things they share with me because of who they are and our relationship. It has helped me knowing all of them individually find ways to build my own wealth that I can in turn share with them and others. When someone looks at my life, even one of my friends, I hope they consider me the kind of wealthy that is of help to them in this way too.

The curious thing that has happened in all of this is the more I stepped into who I am the more friends I saw enter my life. The ones that were just hanging on because they wanted something from me faded away and it paved the way for real friends to be there. The real wealth between us is the sharing of our lives and who we are that makes it a natural experience. There is no need to put on airs or show off what we have or are wearing. We are just us. Real. Natural and in our element of living every day. That in my opinion is where you find real wealthy friends.

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