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Hello July

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

The Summer High

It is very hot and humid where I live during the summer months. Forget about having straight hair and you don’t need to go to the gym to get sweaty. Just open the door and step outside into the warm sunshine and feel the vibration of Earth’s peak ripeness enter your soul. Summer is the top point for all things growing, including us. It is a time of enrichment, connection and growth. We seek those times of renewal and refreshment to recharge and continue growing. We have a higher awareness of what is around us this time of year and all the ways we can soak in the goodness and sweetness of life. That feeling of soaking in the sun comes through to us every day in summer whether we realize it or not. We feel a heightened energy that is direct from nature. When that energy comes to us it feels like a natural high that can be used to transform our lives and help us improve our health.

All this month in the blog we’re going to explore what that feeling is, why it happens and and how we can feel like that more often. Isn’t it wonderful when you feel good, have energy and don’t feel as weighed down by things? That feeling is something we can capitalize on in summer to help carry us through the times when those things like jobs, responsibilities and stress start to creep back more into our focus. Let’s build on the feelings we have now physically, emotionally and spiritually to change our health so we have an increased opportunity to feel like summer more often!

Energy Changes at Dragonspit Apothecary!

I have already been feeling the energy of summer for the past few weeks and this has set off some major changes that I am rolling out to you. These changes are beautiful and very tangible to truly help you improve start or progress on your natural health journey.

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Healthy Hormones Course

Now you can experience one of our incredible course offerings without needing to schedule a time or formal class!

The Healthy Hormones Course is now available online and includes a beautiful personal workbook and self paced video guidance through this important health topic. In this course we explore our hormonal health including how we can reset our hormones to give our bodies the best chance to function optimally. We talk about how our hormones are being affected by our environments and how that is a chain reaction affecting other parts of our health. We explore what we can realistically and economically do about these situations and conditions to heal, protect and improve our health so our body is able to work at its best and we feel better!

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Wellness Box Recommendation

To compliment our journey of enriching our soul through summer’s healing powers I recommend this incredible wellness box from doTERRA.

With this wellness box order you will also receive the free product of the month when you order is placed before July 15. Additionally you can add on the TerraShield Spray for an additional 10% off.

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Here’s to Your Summer Health

Share what your summer health means! We love hearing from you and all the ways we can help you live your best natural life on your terms!

For questions or help please contact us! It’s easy and we’re always happy to help you find the right answers for your needs and interests.

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