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Posted on January 3, 2020 by dragonspitapothecary

How many times have we found ourselves holding off on something because we didn’t think it was the right time or we were short on cash to get it? How many times have we hesitated on something that seemed beautiful, right, perfect and just what we needed? What stopped you in those moments?

Was it the price tag?Was it uncertainty that you would enjoy or use it as much as you thought?Was it not what you thought it would be when you thought you wanted it?Was it you really couldn’t afford it just right now?

These questions seem to come up all the time but especially after the major holidays we just went through and our budget funds are already running low. It seems in January we all tend to hold back on more purchasing that may be more “want” than “need” where we can. Sometimes I think that makes sense, especially if you’ve used a lot of credit cards over Christmas, but sometimes I think it prevents us from taking advantage of good opportunity at the perfect time.

What I have learned over time is that if something is really needed or wanted, we will usually find a way to make it happen financially. Sometimes that car just isn’t going to make it anymore and the cost of repairs is continually eating up the budget. There just comes a time when we make those big purchase decisions because it’s time and we can’t avoid it anymore. Sometimes we do it because it is an emergency and we really don’t have a choice. Hopefully in both those situations we have enough saved up ready for those big purchases but truth be told it’s scary to hand over those large sums even when you have it in reserve.

We bought a new living set of furniture this past Fall. Our furniture was 20 years old and had been through a couple moves. It was still “good” but starting to show the wear of having a boy, dogs and just normal use. When I bought it 20 years ago I loved it. It was custom ordered and someone never picked it up so I bought it at a “discount” but it was still expensive. It was designer and high quality and for more than 20 years it was a place of naps, laughs, tears, anger, loss, quiet moments and play. It was where I sat holding our son when he first came home to us. It was where I cried when my sweet dog Rosa passed away. That furniture was a quiet part of our lives but the scene of several pictures and memories.

A store near us was going out of business and they had high quality furniture so we went to look. We came out with a new living room set. I love it and it fits our growing family. It too will be where we nap, share laughs, quiet moments and feelings from things that happen in our life. Even though it was a good purchase at the right time and I think we got a “good deal” on it, there is still a hesitation when you have to hand over a credit card or cash to pay for it. For me anytime I have to pay for something that is more than a couple hundred dollars this feeling happens. Call me cheap but that feeling of a hot flash goes through my chest when the price tag is in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Even when it’s needed. Even when I can afford it.