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How Natural Wisdom Actually Works

We all seek wisdom at times in our life. There are just times it is a welcome comfort and just the right thing we need to hear in a difficult time. There is other wisdom that you wonder if you will ever need it or if it is even true. I personally think that it doesn’t matter if this wisdom has come from a seemingly wise old guru in a faraway temple where he meditates all day or the back of a cereal box if it works for you. Yet there is a distinct difference in some wisdom that sets it apart from the rest.

Natural wisdom is a unique form of wisdom that applies to all of us. It is universal in meaning yet highly personal in how it can work. This wisdom is built generationally over time as we learn new things that update the technique of it but the meaning stays the same. We hand it down like cherished heirlooms we have carried a lifetime and then pass on to those that come after us. These are the words that seem to transcend time and are the solid guide lights that keep us safe. I like to think of this type of wisdom as the stuff everyone should be taught yet often it is seen as something no one uses anymore. This however couldn’t be farther from the truth.

You know you have stumbled upon natural wisdom when it sticks with you long after you’ve heard it. You may not even know why you are recalling it but there it is peeping up in our minds or we see something that reminds us of it. We can become curious about learning more about it and exploring it deeper. It may not all apply to us in whatever situation we find ourselves in now but we know this is that secret recipe to save for later. We know we’re going to need it sooner or later so stash it away. The beauty of it is no matter when we pull it out again we can count on it to lead us right and provide the answers we need.

Natural wisdom is just that, from nature. It is the purest form of knowledge we have and based on something that has persisted despite every challenge it has ever faced. Storms, plagues, threats and more have been relentless against it and yet it still thrives and works. We can count on it and turn to it whenever we need. I personally have found that regularly turning to it has been a good dose of daily support helpful to me whether times have been challenging or not. This daily practice is bigger than co-existing nature but rather integrating nature as much as possible into all that I do so that I myself feel it’s wisdom become my own.

I think our own doubts about natural wisdom are based on fear it could be right. Some have spent lifetimes proving scientific theories and creating man made products that are claimed to be superior in every way and yet when things get difficult it often isn’t them we first outreach to for help but rather it is nature. We seek the comforting embrace of what is innate to our very existence. Nature. We seek what we know as humans and our root of existence that comes from what is alive in our world and the farthest thing from synthetic man made elements.

Natural wisdom talks to us when we feel our lowest. When we feel alone we can talk to the sky, ocean, cry to the mountains, and more. This brings relief to our soul and is described so beautifully in songs and poetry as a result. We can stand at the edge of the ocean with it lightly brushing our toes and feel the power of the Earth take away the pain we feel in hearts and minds. We can see things more clearly, calmly, confidently and gently let the troubles go behind us. Nature is soothing, comforting and graceful in its wisdom to know when we need this loving embrace. It provides us the aromas and support we need in those most painful moments of life.

When our body hurts we can also turn to nature for its wisdom. We can apply and take these basic elements to provide healing, support and comfort in these physically painful times. In it’s purest form, nature provides a great deal of what we call medicine to support our needs. While there may be times we need more than nature it at least gives us all it has to help before that may be necessary. Using natural wisdom in this respect gives us empowerment to control our health and well-being so we can choose what is right for us when it is right rather than feeling we have no control over what comes next.

The raw basic element of natural wisdom is its timelessness. Man has done such horrible things to our Earth but yet nature persists against it. It still produces fruit and plants that show us what is possible against odds. It is the best living example of strength, perseverance and determination that exists. It is also the most loving, forgiving and welcoming. This is why I believe natural wisdom is so powerful to integrate into my own life. To feel this strength in my own being and know I can still walk in calmness against my own life storms is liberating. It gives my life meaning that I can pass down to help others because they can see my experiences as an example to live by. This can only come from knowing the wisdom of nature.

Whether you believe in essential oils or some other form of natural product the point of that is the wisdom it holds. It is what we use it for to tap into the natural wisdom available to all of us to live our best life despite difficulties and strife. It is a tool to guide us when we are not sure what else to do and as the daily supplement to keep us strong. To realize this kind of power and wisdom can come from a flower or tree feels like holding the secret to the universe in our palms. It feels like the secret most of us spend our lifetimes searching for only to realize at the end we held it all the while.

If you’re ready to tap into the natural wisdom you already hold in your palms, visit me at

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