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How to Build Your Business Online - Part 1

This post is part 1 of a 3 part series focus on helping you build your direct sales business online.

When you decide you want to include an online strategy to your direct sales business there is ample opportunity to recruit new customers and build deep relationships. The process for establishing these connections is very similar to how it is done when in person. You still need to form a connection, get conversation going and guide that customer to a purchasing decision for a problem they are ready to resolve. You’ll also see lots of similarity to what not to do in online is the same as what you know not to do in person when trying to attract customers.

3 Things Not to Do Online for Your Business

Constantly talk about your products and promotions. Just like in person no one wants to hear a non-stop barrage of what you sell and what’s on sale this month. You can certainly post about that in an online space but it should not be post after post. This is the best way to get you unfriended and unfollowed just like in person when your friends start avoiding you.

Dogging the competitors. When you are in an online space you will be seen by thousands of people who use all types of products. People don’t want to feel bad if they chose something other than your brand of products. You will never recruit them that way. It is absolutely ok to state product differences and fact based differences about the companies but don’t fall into the trap of beating down a competitor because you are actually chasing away customers that you could convert.

Followers are not guaranteed customers. Having a large following that doesn’t engage on your posts gains you nothing in the long run. It’s dangerous to focus on the number of followers instead of the value you are getting from your followers. Engage by value and thoughtful posting that starts conversations.

3 Ways to Use Social Media for Your Business

Keeping a Schedule

Being consistent is so key for a lot of activities in your business. Getting in the habit of keeping a schedule of when you have available hours to teach classes, follow up with customers, go live on social media and so on sets expectations of your followers and customers. They know when you to look for you and when they will see your posts.

Schedule your social media posts to appear at the same time and day of the week every week.Go live the same time every week

Focus on a monthly theme in your posts

Make up fun names for each day of the week to indicate what you will post when. (Monday Money for savings tips, Tuesday Tips for uses of your products, and so on)

Responding Timely

I get that you may still be working full time and your direct sales business is a part time small business but you still need to make sure you respond to all messages within 24 hours. If someone sends you a direct message be sure to get back to them as quickly as possible, even if it is with an automated message to say you will be back with them shortly.

If you let people linger without a response they will think you don’t care and move on to someone that will respond to them. In an online space people want answers at their fingertips so if they have to wait long they lose interest.

Setup an automated response or funnel process to self-serve customers through direct messaging

Have an alert on your phone to see when a customer reaches out so you can respond to them quickly

Check for messages every day and respond back at least within 24 hours

You are your own customer service center now and you know what it is like to go unattended as a customer. Take the extra step and provide that warm feeling of making the person glad they reached out to you.

Following the Rules

Each social media platform has it’s own algorithm and rules for how it will support your business. Spend some time understanding these rules even if you are an avid personal user. Going into the settings and terms of use will provide this information for you. There are also numerous YouTube videos that explain how each works and how you can optimize your business’s posts on that platform. Knowing and following these rules is the best way to ensure your posts get seen and you have the best chance for reaching your desired customer.

Algorithms change periodically too so find a good online forum that can provide you updates to upcoming changes so you can adjust your approach and still be seen in that platform. Again, YouTube is a great source for finding this type of information and having trusted sources you can follow to stay on top of changes.

You do not need to be a technical programmer to use these platforms and be successful. However you do need to be a researcher and consumer of how these tools can help your business. Understanding their rules will help you succeed in being influential and reaching as many people as possible.

Interested in more?

Using social media in your business helps you create a boundary-less business. You can reach a lot of people interested in your products and service. Gaining them as followers is just step one in the customer experience where many others who sell your same product or have different brands of the same thing will also be vying for their attention. Set yourself apart by being consistent, timely and thoughtful in your responses and aligned to the platform’s rules for best results.

If you’re ready to start a new business and see it flourish then you need to start with the right support and tools at your fingertips. My Choose Your Path sets contain all the templates, tools and support you need for a successful and thriving natural health business in today’s modern direct sales space. If you’re ready to succeed at direct sales and be part of a supportive, collaborative team that will be there for you then let’s get started today! Click here!

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