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How to Build Your Business Online - Part III

This post is part 3 of a 3 part series.

Building online can easily consume all of your time and focus. It’s so easy to get distracted and off randomly browsing that you can forget what you needed to do! Using social media and the Internet in your business needs to be highly focused and intentional so you can attract your desired customers who are also out there randomly browsing!

3 Things to Not do for Your Business Online

Don’t let your social media groups become hostile. If someone is being offensive or not abiding by the rules of your group, remove them. Not taking action on these types of situations can quickly deteriorate your group’s purpose. Respect each person has their own opinions and beliefs but ensure the integrity of your group is honored and no one is disrespected.

Don’t go on live video unprepared! Popping on to do a quick video may be a brilliant idea but you still need to be organized in what you want to say and what is going on around you.

Have a purpose. Yes I totally get your ultimate purpose is to get people to buy from you but think bigger. What value can you really deliver people that they will want to actively seek you out and see what you are saying on a topic?

3 Ways to Rock Your Business Online

Live & Pre-Recorded Videos

More and more social media is turning to video communications as a trending way to capture attention. People are on the go and more than likely scrolling social media from their phones with earbuds in. This is perfect for connecting and delivering content that you want your desired customer to hear!

BEFORE you hit the record or live button:

Have talking points and have a valuable thing to say – why do people need to hear you right now?

What do you have to offer them?

Use good lighting. You can be outside or inside but make sure people can see you and that it doesn’t look like you are sitting in a dark cave– unless you really are sitting in a dark cave

Practice! Running through what you want to say once or twice before going live will help you come across polished and be more attractive to people watching

Smile! Start your video with a beautiful smile that is welcoming and excited to be part of this person’s day

Use the header, content sections of your live post to include links and further details

Don’t stop what you are saying when you see your BFF join the live. Stopping and welcoming each person joining you live breaks up your message and prevents you from coming across cleaning during replays. It’s very distracting to those watching.

Scheduling Your Videos

You can be online live across multiple platforms at the same time! This is incredibly powerful in reaching multiple audiences. What is important is making sure you are highly consistent of when you do this and that it is in a time spot that your desired customer is also online. It is also equally important to make sure you are online when your customers are online so that may mean separate videos depending on platform.

Knowing when peak times people are checking their phones with new social media items is key to knowing when it is a great time to “pop online.” You want to meet your customer where they are, when they are online. If you know your customers are online during the hours of 11:30 AM until 2PM for their lunch breaks then make sure you schedule your videos to occur sometime between that time spot.

Commenting on Videos

As you are live and you see people post comments there are a couple different ways to handle responding:

As you are talking if you have a natural break to look at some of the questions and try to respond during the video this is great for making the video more like a personal conversation. You don’t however want to be scrolling and seem distracted so if you’re not good at this or are unable to see them as your talking that’s ok. Simply let your audience know you will respond to comments after the video.

Always respond to all comments on your videos. Even if it is a simple hi, go back through and like those comments. If someone asks you a question, answer it.

If you have supplemental resources such as links or downloads that you mention in the video you can include them in the general content of the description or in the comments. Makes sure all your links work and go to the right place

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