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January Flow

I don’t hide the fact that winter is my least favorite of the seasons. It’s the cold really and well the dark too. Now that all the holiday decorations are put up and things around the house are back to normal it feels clean and simple and maybe a little plain. It’s amazing how a tree and some strings of lights change a whole vibe of a room isn’t it? Many of us feel this need to freshness come January because we are craving that simplicity and organized feeling. We want order back in our life to support routines and ease of living among the daily demands we all face.

One of the best parts of January is the sales on house items that support these needs for clean, simple and organized living. My favorite are the fresh sheets and linens and perfectly white fluffy soft towels. They look luxurious and comfortable. They make me think of long hot showers on cold mornings and stepping out to be wrapped in these delicious soft towels. Those pretty linens and sheets are crisp, soft and thick waiting to envelop you into warm comfort and restful sleep. Yes those sales get me every time and we haven’t even touched on the beautiful chic bins, baskets and cute organizing tools that also make a room look stylish.

I am guilty of more than once going to touch the towels on the shelf at the store. Oh the softness. I also like to browse the aisles for cute baskets and bins. My favorite are the metal bins that look aged. I once found a super cute egg basket that I brought home and painted white. It now holds apples and oranges on our kitchen counter and looks unique. But surely it is time to update our towels at home by now right? Can’t you just feel that softness against your damp skin?

Soul Callings

January beckons us indoors next to warm fires and long movies. It calls to us for sleep and rest while nature is in its own slumber. We long for these comforts among things that make us feel good against our skin and in how we feel when we’re in rooms in our home. We want that cozy, cuddly, warm and inviting comfort that aligns with snuggling deep on the sofa with a good book.

We often find January to be a mini-spring cleaning process. I often find I’m going through closets and looking at accessories making decisions on if I still like these things or not. I also inventory towels and sheets and look at if it’s time to update them. My husband and son have terrible habits of using our white towels to mop up spills that stain our towels. I always fuss at them about it but it doesn’t do any good. It isn’t much fun to have stained towels.

I have long ago changed what I use to care for our linens and towels. Gone are the pods, detergents and softeners that overpowered with fragrance that smelled fake. I was determined to redefine what clean smelled like and how our linens and towels felt when I washed and dried them. These days I use things are actually natural and still soften, brighten, stain remove and clean.

The difference has extended the life of our linens and towels and removed the film that I often felt was left behind with detergents. Not to mention this changes saves us quite a bit each month it allows me to splurge for new towels every now and then. (To get what I use click here: )

At the end of the day, you will usually find me in the living room folding laundry and catching up on a television show. The warmness of fresh laundry out of the dryer is comforting and brings a wonderful aroma throughout the room that is light, natural and pleasant. Yes this is what January soul calls for me to do and I am content. Yeah I know I just said I was content folding laundry and truly I am in this moment.

When we step in alignment with what our soul calls for we find ways to fulfill that need in beautiful simple ways. For me and a lot of you that means spending some time sorting, organizing, purging and cleaning during this month. Doing so brings out the feelings of gratitude and appreciation. We see room for improvement certainly but we are able to feel blessed too. This carrying out tasks in a way that seems fulfilling and brings you joy and contentment because you get to them. It is an easy flow of a chore that otherwise could be frustrating to complete. Trust me there are days folding laundry is a chore I’d rather not do but when I can do it at my own pace and see changes in my son’s sizes to know he’s not so small anymore but he’s healthy. Or I’m sitting in my pretty living room folding warm laundry enjoying I have such a room to fold laundry in is a blessing I feel deeply.

Flow More

This year I hope you are finding ways to recognize the flow in your days and feel that contentment. Big or small that underlying flow guides us and let us know if we are in tune with our own needs or just in response and reaction modes. Enjoying January to reset that flow is vital to carrying forward more confidence and courage to make changes in our life overall. Even under the ice of a river in wintertime, the water is still flowing. There is still life and movement even if it is moving at a slower pace now.

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