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January Natural News

Fresh and New. The words we start each year feeling and hoping for that will support our desires and goals. We enter each new year like having a fresh piece of paper in front of us in which we can draw, doodle or paint whatever we like. It is a new beginning, a fresh start, a reset button that allows us to try again or start anew. We set goals and send hopes and prayers out to the universe hoping for a great year that fills our dreams and pockets. We put words to these thoughts and say we’re going to do it this time. We start with firm focus and determination to be successful and know we can do it!

Welcome to the year 2020. It is indeed a new dawning of time that we are experiencing for the first time. It is in fact a place we can set out on a new journey that will change our lives and let us grow. It is bigger than a New Year’s Eve Resolution that will soon be forgotten. It is rather a feeling. An energy that flows under all that we do and can use to our benefit and need. Yes 2020 is a high tech,, fast paced, convenient laden world in which we live but it is also filled with natural energy and simplistic ways we can lean into who we are truly meant to be.

As we enter this new year with that clean piece of paper in which we will see our year unfold what do you really want to see on it? What does that picture look like at the end of this year? My friend the future is really right now.

All this month I’m going to help guide you on that futuristic journey to lay out ideas, thoughts, dreams and aspirations that you may want to include in your drawing for this year. We’re going deep into what it means to live life on your terms more naturally and simply in an age when everything is technology driven and yet highly disconnected. We however know how to string these pieces together for enrichment, empowerment, encouragement and end results that will make our 2020 picture beautiful and truly ours. No artistic skills required either. Just your mind, heart, soul and body moving in an alignment that feels natural for you and allows you to hear, feel, taste and see the ripeness of this life.

It’s going to be a beautiful year. One filled with grace, beauty and nature that calls us to take that path less traveled. The one away from the trends and crowds and into the quietness of the woods where we can return to who we really are and emerge with a vibration that catches the attention of those who are just following the crowd. You my friend are not another crowd follower groupie. No you are a wild spirit that needs to be set free and allowed to fly. We’re going to help you unfold those beautiful wings and show you how to launch with them. It is indeed time to feel that heartbeat of yours and use it to your own need, desires and wishes for the life you want to live.

Can’t you just feel the sun and wind on your face now?

Yes this is the place for growth on the soul searching level that will touch every aspect of your being and be exactly what you need it to be. It is what I offer you this year through the words, videos, and guidance of this blog. It is my hope for you to feel that lightness of being free from that which is holding your back, limiting you in any way and preventing you from experiencing the beauty of this life. We’re going to boldly uncover it and gently repair it. We’re going to plant new things and see them flourish into beauty and grace that is you.

The future is now – are you ready to experience it?

You do not want to miss one single blog post this year because we’re going to discover, grow, align and nurture that which feeds our soul, mind, heart and body. My friend you need to hear this, experience it with all your senses and use it to transform into that beautiful being that you were meant to be.

To maximize all the juicy yumminess in store for this year start with doing yourself a big loving act and take your Lifestyle & Wellness Questionnaire. Let’s see where you are and where you want to go this year and have the right tools and support in place to get there (it’s free too):

And then join our free Members Forum where the conversation continues with others like you wanting to live more naturally on their terms. We’re talking all this month about what we desire most for this new year.

Make this your year. Are you ready?

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