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January News and Specials

Welcome to the New Year!

This is a wonderful month full of new beginnings, opportunities and inspiration we can all enjoy and apply to our lives. Success for putting inspiration into action requires us though to incorporate change into our daily actions and plans.

Change can be incredibly challenging and stressful at times requiring perseverance as well as patience with others and ourselves. Sometimes the challenge of change can be too overwhelming or frustrating so we find ourselves giving up easily or being unmotivated to begin. Our inner strength and motivation is what enables to change to occur. Like a physical muscle we must exercise this skill to develop the strength to push through harder moments of a change and stay focused on our desired results.

Our posts this month will center on the skills you need to enhance self-reflection, self-care and self-love to support the ability to take an idea or goal into action and build the momentum to keep it going.

To help us on this path, we have some beautiful specials that can support us and help make this work more pleasant and encouraging.

On Sale This Month

Wholesale account customers and retail customers can enjoy an extra 10% off the Slim & Sassy essential oil blend. Consisting of grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger and cinnamon this oil helps curb those tough cravings. Add a drop or two to your water for help with blood sugar balance, high cholesterol and inflammation.

Specials This Month

The incredible opportunity to get a free Frankincense is extended until January 15! This oil is incredible at support healthy cell regeneration that we all need especially during weight loss and working on health goals.

Simply place any order as an existing or new customer of 200PV or more.

Free This Month

  1. Grapefruit

Grapefruit essential oil is a go to for metabolic support. This oil helps balance hormones, support fat cell breakdown and detoxification processes.

Get it free this month with your loyalty order placed by January 15 of 125PV or more.

Events & Support Opportunities

  1. Cleanse & Restore Support Group

Starting January 5 we are hosting an online cleanse group to help everyone naturally detox and cleanse so we can kick start our health related resolutions. This is unlike any cleanse you have every done before and will leave you feeling good, energized and ready to get into those Skinny Jeans.

The group is free to join and will run from January 5 through January 14. We will be using doTERRA products and oils in this group that you will be able to get at retail or wholesale for best participation in this group.

Join us here: 

  1. Skinny Jeans Challenge

This Challenge is open to everyone and will take our newly detoxed and cleansed bodies to the next level! This group will work on the next step in our health journey to increase our energy and lose weight! We will use the tried and true doTERRA Slim & Sassy products as well as several popular essential oils to have you zipping into those skinny jeans!

For information on this challenge and how you can join it, please email me at 

  1. Personalized Wellness Consultation

Enjoy a personalized conversation centered all around YOU!

In these sessions we will go through your specific needs and interests and I will recommend essential oils and natural products specific for you, answer your questions and provide any support you need. You may ask any questions you would like.  If you are interested in setting up a personal wellness consultation at a time that works for you, please schedule a time that is convenient for you through our booking tool at