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July Natural News

When I choose the word FREE as this month’s 2020 Wellness Challenge I wasn’t thinking of July 4th or other historic events though they do seem to align. When I sat to build out the theme for each month FREE came up as a result of the work we have been doing to this point. RENEW, LOVE, MOVE, GROW, BUILD and now FREE. It had flow, intention and purpose when I think of the journey that brings up through a challenge.

If I look at history and so many things in our very own lives we can see these same processes that lead us to a point we feel free. We feel liberated from things that were holding us back, limiting our choices or restricting us from dreams. FREE is the pinnacle point where those challenges are overcome and we can see a new view that is all we’ve imagined and more. It is what we emerge from to feel that sense of accomplishment. We know our journey is not done but we are recharged and renewed through this moment of feat.

The full moon this month which occurs on July 4 is known as the Buck Moon. This is the month where male deer begin to have their antlers emerge. It is a full moon for relaxing, resting and recharging because new work will be coming. For a deer it is the need to rest before they mate and store up what they need for winter. For us it is normally about summer vacations, fun and lazy days by water. We let go or at least loosen as much as we can the burdens we carry normally and take more breaks along the day. We feel a need to take days off or leave work early to enjoy some of summer’s beautiful weather.

July is a powerful month in drawing us in to summer’s sweetness for what life should feel like more often. The allure of being by a beach, eating watermelon at a picnic table, camping, grilling outside or even just hanging out with friends on a patio watching the sun set are all ways we hear nature calling us back to simpler lifestyles. It is almost impossible for anyone to say living natural is not for them! All of these feelings, sensations and experiences are what FREE feels like. In that respect it’s why I associate FREE with living natural.

As we become more casual, laid back and live up the leisurely days of summer I encourage you to look for ways this month makes you feel more FREE than any other time in the year. Are you craving a day off to hit the beach? Maybe you’re taking your family vacation this month. Most of us will do at least some of our activities outside this time of year so we will be touching, feeling and smelling all of summer and allowing it to heal, support and recharge us. How is nature influencing that experience for you?

For me, living naturally in this time means slowing down, looking for what we appreciate in our life and recharging from what maybe has been draining us lately. It’s time for a break and re-connection to what makes our soul feel it’s best. I believe when we use nature’s messages in our every day living we feel our best more often and we find even more ways to experience what nature offers directly. This is why reducing our toxic load in our body, mind and spirit is so important. Removing those barriers to feeling good allows us to hear nature more clearly and move towards it. It’s much a kin to switching to solar panels for controlling the temperature on your house. In this case we have always been connected to the sun but sometimes we forget we need that charge from it when we are running low on energy.

I hope you get some fun memories in July that fill your heart. I also hope you feel nature at it’s fullest and it gives you that sense of what it means to be FREE.

Be sure to follow me all month to work through how you can live more naturally FREE every day.

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