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June Wellness Box Challenge

I have caught myself often in the past saying how I wish I could make things different, as in really make changes transpire. That is almost impossible to realize if I just jump in and force it. However, when I put a plan together, even if it’s just in my own mind and support that plan with all I need to be successful that goal becomes a lot easier to obtain. I believe this happens in large part because we consider all the scenarios of what could happen and we can prepare and have the skills, tools and support we need to overcome challenges. It’s like seeing the whole picture leading to the goal rather than just the finish line.

This really speaks to the planner side of my personality. I don’t think everything in life needs a detailed plan with tons of dates but big things in life should have some strategy. I consider things like my health, family financial future and my dreams coming true a few of those big pieces. When you think about it, this could be exactly why most our dieting fails happen. We jump in thinking it’s a great idea without considering our own needs, taste, condition, and alignment to body, mind and spirit. We just hear from others it’s trendy or works for them so it should for us too. It isn’t too long though when we find we’re exhausted, sore, stressed and binge eating because we can’t keep up with the demands of that diet. Whereas if we had looked at what our goal is, what our needs our in body, mind and spirit and what was realistic for us to see for progress it might have meant a positive experience!

I challenge myself and you to join me in this month’s BUILD wellness process. What can we do a little bit each day to improve our health and BUILD on that for the next day and the day after that? What could that mean if we went with what felt good to us every day and stopped letting our emotions, negative self-talk and failures of the past dictate how we proceed today? What would it feel like to not fit into someone else’s idea of how you lose weight, improve your health or achieve results?

That’s where this month’s June Wellness Box comes in to give you those tools to be successful in defining that for you.

First let’s start with appetite. When you are starting a new eating routine you are going to hit up against some powerful cravings, intense emotional responses and even dare I say it fake hunger! This is where I believe I have failed 99% of the time on diets. I get hungry, I’m stressed out or upset about something and there’s nothing “healthy” readily available that works on hunger and emotions because it’s not chocolate. We grab what makes us feel better the fastest.

Secondly, what I have experienced is feeling frustrated with no progress. I eat great for a week, I’m drinking nothing but water and it’s top of my game. Yet when I get on the scale it shows no losses or worse a gain! No amount of scientific water weight, building muscle excuse will ever reconcile this in my own mind! If I wanted to gain I would have continued eating chocolate which at this point I’m usually wanting to console myself with anyway.

Lastly there’s the whole working out thing. Don’t get me wrong I love there are gyms people pay to go to for that but it’s not my scene. I don’t enjoy the smell, layout, loud music and lines of machines shoulder-to-shoulder with other people. It’s about as miserable as a public pool on the first hot day of summer. My idea of working out does not look like that. I need things that engage my mind and body in way that I feel I’m working them both out and I’m enjoying it. My mind is busy and my body is moving. This is key for me to feel I’m getting something out of the workout besides just some sweat and sore muscles.

With these three components in mind I went to work researching what natural tools we could use to support these needs in our quest to BUILD our natural health in June. This is what I found:

  • Deep Blue Rub

  • Life Long Vitality

  • TerraZyme

  • PB Assist

I believe by getting our digestion system reset we have a foundation to BUILD progress on other health goals. The products highlighted in this month’s Wellness Box get us there with natural ingredients to support our goals.

To get this month’s box simply click here:

For existing clients of mine you can order this through your LRP template and earn points back on your order.

Happy June BUILD Wellness.

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