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Leading the Change in How MLM is Done

Posted on August 30, 2019 by dragonspitapothecary

As I build my own business in direct sales I am acutely aware of how I present what this business is like to others who may be interested. If I don’t feel good about the actions I’m taking in my business how can I expect someone new to come in and love doing that? If I’m doing things in my business that is annoying prospects and not getting results how then can I expect someone new to come in and have different results?

Today’s direct sales business is not the same as it was before. You do not and should not chase everyone you have ever known in your life to buy from you. I heard someone call these the “bad hey girl” messages. Their example was hysterical and so incredibly true of the old ways direct sales was done.

“Hey Girl, how have you been? We’ve not talked in ages.

How is your dog you had in high school that was pretty old back then?

Hey you want to come to a party I’m hosting/sign up on my team/buy this cool stuff I’m selling?”

While funny it’s so not funny and it results in a awkward conversation as well as zero results for your business. I do not want to teach anyone that style of how to build a direct sales small business.

Tear Up the 100 Names List

First when I am working with a new builder and giving them an orientation of this business I provide several templates, tricks and tools that I have found work. In that packet is not a 100 Names List that someone can fill out with everyone they know and have ever run into that they could talk to about this business and the products. I don’t even mention it.

This is one of the most outdated and ineffective tools in direct sales. It is the source that many have used to destroy relationship, create awkward and weird moments and get people to run in the opposite direction. This list seems t