Life is Complicated, Women are Simple

If women were the complication I think by now with all our high tech and data available we would have solved that. I have never thought I was complicated at all though. Stubborn, rebellious even that’s more me for sure but I don’t consider those complicated. I think this perception of complication comes from being underestimated and not given the time, space and respect to be heard. It is much easier to simply say we are complicated and go about what they were doing. I believe it is life that is complicated and women are attuned to that more than others.

Women just know this, we have always known life doesn’t have to be that complicated. So often we make our own messes in life and that’s what gets complicated. The now what do I do question because of the situation. I can’t tell you the number of times I have said that too. Life shouldn’t or need not be this complicated. Hard maybe but complicated no. Uncomplicating life is like unraveling a tangled web where we realize it wasn’t life at all but our own choices and decisions that created it. We were just trying though to make something easier, better, faster even and it didn’t work. Failures are often seen as complications and that too is misleading.

It is not only our own life where we work to uncomplicate things but others too. As women we so often have taken on the responsibility to make life easy and less complicated for others. We take care of our families, employers, friends and neighbors without a thought more than doing something nice for them or making it easy for them in a tough time. It’s what we do to remind others that life is just as simple as loving each other sometimes.

It is a select few that ever seem to figure that out. The difference between hard and complicated. Hard being that we have to work at it, figure something out, not give up on it but be consistently pushing to maintain that simplicity. Quite honestly, I think the more we automate and make things instant the more complicated life gets. The assumption being we have more time to do other things that in reality is never the case and if it is we miss out on the things our soul needs to enjoy the simple beauty of every day living.