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Life... Where Can It Take You?

Have you ever been told or even said yourself, “do as I say not as I do?” If it’s good for me to do it then why not you too? It’s like we are saying we want to have better for our loved one but feel we don’t deserve it as well. Or perhaps we’re not willing to work for it? By saying this are we indicating we have reached the point in our lives where it is just more comfortable to be on the front porch observing the day o by? What we are advising is not possible for us anymore but that the younger version of ourselves should go forth? How do we know it’s good for them to do then?

I had never done direct sales before I started Dragonspit Apothecary. In all honesty I started like so many people with quickly handing over my credit card and not realizing fully what I was saying yes to. Had I known what I know now I would have still said yes but for an entirely different reason. Had I not said yes there wouldn’t be this blog, a business, or even more importantly the changes that have happened in my own home as a result of living more naturally. None of this would have occurred. I would have simply walked away from something that I would never know how much our lives would be changed for the better.

How many times have you said no and then thought … but what if I had said yes?

What would have happen if you said “do as I do?”

Not that any of us can always do something perfectly the first time but even so there is a dramatic shift in saying follow me. I call this walking our own talk. It is sharing our growth journey and realizing the positive, possibilities and opportunities as a result of us saying yes and paving the way. It is sharing what you learned and helping others avoid the trouble spots in the road but also using our own experience to help them through it too. As a parent the do as I do is incredibly helpful in getting our son to complete a chore or helping out with something I know he’d rather not do. If I said do it but I’m not going to do the same he wouldn’t be motivated at all.

When we move in our own talk and practice the do as I do approach with a full heart of passion this is where true energy comes forth. This is the making of vibrations that spread to inspire and drive others to follow their own dreams and consider what they may have otherwise said no to. By putting our own desires and dreams into motion we are giving hope to someone else. We are triggering something deep inside another that would otherwise be ignored or even avoided and showing them it is ok to be yourself. It is ok to follow your dreams. When I think about what it means to live naturally on my terms and grow naturally in what is right for me this is exactly what I envision.

Imagine if we confident enough to follow our dreams?

What would this world be like if we were all pursuing our dreams and living the way that felt best to each of us?