Living a Rich Man's of Luxury & Abundance

People who live a life of luxury seem to have an abundance of things. They have everything they need. They are comfortable and want for nothing. There is a lavishness that seems to be all around them. It is so much easier to think the sky is the limit and everything is possible in life when you have luxury and abundance at your fingertips, right? Is it true though? Are only those that can afford the sky able to soar it?

I think not.

What I believe about luxury is it is a sensation and deep feeling that is generated from our own energy and reflected in the environment around us. It is the very essence helping us feel our best. We know it’s in place by how we move, think, what we are drawn to and what we do. The old saying about changing a man’s suit and you have a new man means how he feels when he puts on a fresh, crisp new suit. He feels different yet nothing changed but his clothes. There are no magical powers in that suit either. What changed was his mindset and energy that he is different.

Where we often mistake luxury is in thinking it is about expensive things. We can’t have luxury because it costs too much or is a lifestyle of over the top living that we simply can’t afford. That simply is not true. The best luxurious lifestyles are ones that make us feel our best. Expensive things can do that until the bill comes and then they can become stressors that make our life even worse than before. The price of something has nothing to do with whether is brings luxury to our life. Rather it is how something makes us feel when we touch, use, put it on or what value it brings to our life that determines its luxury.

Abundance is also often misunderstood. Abundance means limitless, enough, more than enough even and it too is a mindset. When we think we cannot do something we place a fence around ourselves that stops us from growing, creating, being inspired, dreaming and pursuing those dreams. We only grow within the space we have carved out as safe. It may have plenty in that space but we shouldn’t consider it abundant. Abundance is a freedom feeling where we feel empowered to soar. It is where we become brave, overcome fear and step forward to take what is ours. There are no fences in an abundance state. There is always more, enough for everyone and more than we will ever need or want.