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Living Naturally Wealthy

When I think of what it would feel like to live wealthy I get a distorted image in my head about it. I see glitz, glamour a little luxury and maybe some really nice cars sitting in my driveway. There are expensive clothes in my closet and some real nice handbags and shoes to go with them. Yet when I see this image I also know it is a far fetched dream similar to that of Alice in Wonderland. It is not at all the lifestyle I would say best describes who I am or what really makes me happy.

Living naturally wealthy is this ability to feel our best and have joy come through our energy to the people around us. It doesn’t matter how much is in our bank accounts for that feeling because while money is important it is not where this feeling of wealth comes from! I believe to live naturally wealthy means to know you have the real stuff that’s important in life around you. No matter what else happens you will be alright through it because of this wealth too. In a way I am talking about gratitude but I’m also talking about the energy of gratitude that makes the wealthy feeling come alive in each of us.

When we have tapped into that natural wealth feeling inside us, our entire energy shifts. The stress we carry feels lighter and the worry that keeps us up at night fades a little. It is not that our problems go away but rather we know we have what we need to take care of things that challenge us. We have the skills, tools, expertise and more to be alright in anything life serve up to us so rather than stress, worry and fret we focus on the positive. We focus on what is our next move big or small that is going to lead us to building more of our wealth for living well despite our circumstances.

Having monetary wealth is great but I have found that living in a peaceful life where I have what is important to me and enough to take care of us is just as good. There is no amount of money that can replace how I feel when I am with my family and we are laughing at something over a dinner of cereal and toast. The natural wealth we share as a family comes from each of us sharing what we have big or small and filling each other’s lives with that. That is true wealth that cannot be bought.

When I speak about living naturally, it is coming from a place of knowing there is not one single essential oil I sell that is going to make every problem any of us has go away. It can help make things better while we ourselves work to change our lives. These oils are tools that help us capitalize on the wealth we all possess and bring it forward into our lives. When we stop trying to live up to ridiculous standards no one can achieve and just start being ourselves, life gets a whole lot easier just from that. I believe it is also the start of where we realize the power in living naturally.

Natural wealth is this feeling of knowing through our own wisdom and faith that we will truly be alright. We can overcome, accomplish, create and manifest so many things when we come at it with a sense of determination, positive energy and mindset. Those elements are pulled from our wealth of experience, trust in ourselves and our higher power and just knowing we were made to live a good life. We were made to live naturally and share our own time and talents with the world at large. None of us were born without anything. We instead were born with wealth and grace to do great things in our life and share it with others.

For me natural wealth is the pursuit of things that are sometimes not what society expects but that give us that natural independence to be ourselves. We no longer feel the necessity to conform and be anything other than our own beautiful self. It is about unraveling that bravery to tap into what is in our dreams and letting it open to manifest into something wildly incredible in this world. It is about being proud of who we are and what makes us unique. It is sharing our wealth of those things in a way that extends that strength with others so they too can step forward in their own light.

Natural wealth is shared, expanded and built on so we are all exactly who were created to be and living our best life every day. It is realizing the role nature has in that situation and caring for it with loving hearts and hands. That requires great change in our world to bring forth but the more of us who are willing to step outside the societal expectations of what we should all be wearing, voting for, believing in and turning back instead to our own souls is where great things begin. Natural wealth flows from our heats of gratitude, grace and our own manifestation of what it means to live naturally well.

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