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Love & Hope

Love and hope, just two words we hear so often and yet I don’t know that anyone truly knows how best to describe them. These are two words we must feel and can describe in terms of our senses and experiences. We say we have love and hope and yet we don’t generate these things independently. No, there is always someone or something else involved that is part of the experience we are describing.

I love my husband.

I hope to lose weight this year.

I love warm weather.

I hope our friends are having fun on their trip.

All this month I’ve been talking about love in all forms, even my own relationship with God. Love is what is at the core of all that we do in life. It is the ultimate motivator and most desired experience for fulfillment and contentment. I don’t believe though that love operates alone. I believe hope is actually the partner to love and together they are the foundation of life.

Hope is much like love. It too is something we can’t adequately define and can only best

describe through our own experiences with it. We have hope because it is what helps us when things get tough. Hope also fuels our dreams, gets us out of bed in the mornings and keeps us looking forward. Hope and love are what carry us through storms. We hope the storm will end and along the way we shield ourselves in the love we have in our life. Hope is the belief something good will come of it all. We don’t know necessarily that it will but we hope. We have hope. Hope is our future view of what we want, desire, need, crave and work for; much like love itself. We are always looking for more hope and more love.

We are taught at an early age to have hope. In church we are taught hope is God’s promise to us that He will one day return. Young children hope for Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve and they have been good enough to get all that it is on their list. All of us have a level of hope for in the form of a positive outcome. It is the anticipation and journey itself that is hope. One day hope will be our reality.

There is an oil blend doTERRA has called Hope. This is an oil that to me has a sweet, soft aroma that is soothing, comforting and hopeful. It is what I would describe as hope if hope had a smell. Which I guess it does in the case of the name doTERRA applied to this oil blend. The Hope oil is a special oil where all the profits of the sales go towards doTERRA’s foundation works of helping children be saved and recover from the horrors of human trafficking. Hope has power that this horrific thing that exists in our world can be stopped and those children who live this Hell every day can be recovered. This is a healing oil that provides hope for these victims to recover, to know safety and be loved as children should be. For you and I using this oil it also provides us with hope those things can occur and we can contribute to it directly. It also provides us the uplifting ability to dare to hope for our own needs and dreams.

To love and hope requires us to even in the tiniest way be open to the possibility of healing, positive change and growth. We can shut ourselves away from love and hurt but it will always be there waiting for us to be ready. It is in fact love and hope that is often the healing power for so many things in our life but we have to be open to it. We have to try, even just a little. I believe love and hope stems from our own being and radiates the more open we are to it. It is what makes us smile even though it’s raining and see the positive side against the day’s challenges. We move in love and hope regardless of the storms of life around us. I don’t know of any other feeling or experience that is as protecting, comforting and healing as this.

While love and hope generate within us they are always linked to something else. Our future, our relationships, our dreams and our interests. It is the inter-connective weaving of being human. We can claim independence and solo warrior all we want but we are still connected in life. We all share in the experiences this world and life bring to our doorsteps. We all hurt, fall ill, experience loss, grief, happiness, anticipation and of course love and hope. We share these feelings and it spreads to others helping them feel enriched through our own feelings. It is a vibe, energy, appeal and attractiveness that draws us to others who have a lot of it and we can be recharged from them.

When I think of hope I can’t help but also think of love. They are so intertwined that you can’t tell where one ends and the other begins. It is the undercurrent of our life every day. As I wrote the blog posts this month focusing on this topic of love I realized how much of it I have in my life but also how much hope I also have. I’m hoping the risks of being a single income family can be mitigated through building my small business while I work full time. My love for my family and need to care and protect them is what fuels my energy to push on every morning at 5am when I rise to write before work. I’m hopeful and I have their love to keep me going.

The other day I had a few moments to myself and worked on meditating. It’s not easy for me to do but I have found benefit from it. In that few minutes I closed my eyes and let the words hope and love swirl in my head. Even when I feel most alone and scared of how to do it all in my life I find these words are incredibly comforting. I couldn’t feel sorry for myself and the burdens of responsibility I carry every day seemed lighter. It gave me renewal and I felt ready to get back at it. By far this was one of the best 5 minutes meditating I’ve ever had. All by just focusing on these two words. Letting them sink into my bones and rise throughout my being in fresh warmth and support. If you’re new to meditating like I am focusing on words like hope and love is actually helpful.

Even if meditating isn’t your thing, I encourage you to roll on some of the doTERRA Hope oil and move in your day with hope and love. I know things can be super tough and challenging every day and it takes incredible endurance to keep at it. Trust me I so get that in my own life. There are just days I have to ask why I keep pushing. However, if nothing else and you’re feeling so beat up by life it doesn’t feel hopeful or loving at all at least you can know the Hope oil is helping a child out there suffering in ways we cannot even imagine. That alone deserves our openness to the idea of hope and love in our own lives that can lead us to healing.

To purchase the Hope oil simply click here:

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