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Love of Handcrafted

Once upon a time everything we used was handcrafted. Hours of meticulous craftsmanship poured into simple items used daily out of necessity. Every item was looked at for it’s multiple purposes in supporting basic human needs for food, shelter and warmth. Handcrafted still though contained those details of beauty and solid quality that made it durable, usable and pleasant to

look at.

Today when we see handcrafted we often always see a pricey tag to go with it. Handcrafted is desired for its high quality, craftsmanship and attention to details. These things are often very detailed and you know whoever made it spent hours personally shaping that item. You can also count on these types of items to be well made to last and deliver on a level of consumer satisfaction that is incomparable to other items we use in life. There is an exclusiveness to these items that draws us for their quality, details and beauty even over a price we would otherwise not even consider.

There is a resurgence of handcrafting that has become quite trendy. Everything from beer to quilts can be found in booming little small businesses specializing in creating these unique, limited small batch and exclusive items. In a sea of highly produced, over processed and pre-packaged items we use daily we are very much attracted to these handcrafted items. The idea that someone still knows how to make something we take for granted is appealing to us and we are curious. We explore and find unique tastes, high quality and purity that doesn’t exist on our normal big box store shelves. We find honest attention to ingredients, elements and information that tells us someone did their research and made this things we’re enjoying with their heart.

As I think about handcrafted and living more natural on my terms there seems a perfect alignment. Handcrafting things my family uses every day reminds me of the times when people would make everything they needed in life lacking the big box stores we have today.

Convenience has clouded though our real purpose for handcrafted items. We no longer realize the process that goes into making something and have replaced time spent learning a craft for mass produced items that can be easily discarded when no longer needed. We also miss the reason by only looking at the price tag. We see only what is placed in front of us directly at eye level or what is pushed to us on sale as being only what we need but in fact that is the farthest from the truth.

In reality even in a modern high tech life we need handcrafted items. We need the high quality, long lasting durability and functionality they provide. We need them because they are good quality but also because it reminds us every time we use it there is in fact a way to make all we need in life. We can still live with what nature provides us and enjoy simple good things that fill our soul and our physical needs. I personally have never bought an item from WalMart or Target that aligned my soul and physical needs in quite the same way.

The beauty of this all is we can still capture the essence of handcrafting in our very own homes today. Through replacing what we are told we need with things that actually serve us soul and body we can reclaim our handcrafted lifestyle while still living conveniently. We can change our life and enjoy those high quality, long lasting functionality in our every day lives by simply stepping out of the big box stores and seeing that nature is still there. We can capture the essence of it all and apply it to our lives in a meaningful way that replaces layers of built up resistance to the simplicity of life.

For me this has meant finding natural items that serve my family with that high quality craftsmanship that can only be had through handcrafted products. This is one of the major reasons I chose doTERRA as our home’s natural solutions. Even the bottles that doTERRA uses for their oils are handcrafted and not mass produced. Inside each bottle is 100% purity, sourced in uncontaminated land and harvested often by hand. There is attention to detail traced back to the farm that I can see, experience and relate to each time I use one of their oils. I can experience quality through practices used for generations in these products.

Not only am I changing how my family shops and uses products in this pursuit of handcrafted items for daily living but I am changing other families. Each time I purchase something outside of a big box store I am helping a fellow small business and family dependent on that sale. I am actively choosing to live more naturally and support that decision with products that truly serve the better good of my family and others like us. My purchases are keeping the love of handcrafted items alive and free from mass production and pre-packaging dictating my needs and desires. I am actively and responsibly choosing simplicity, quality and purity over ingredients

I cannot pronounce and do not know for sure what they are really doing in my family’s products.

I believe the resurgence of handcrafted items and attention to quality through craftsmanship of basic items is essential for living more natural. It is so sought after even today because deep down we all know this is better for us. We know that easily disposed of things isn’t serving us, our family or our environment. We also know we can still enjoy convenience while removing those things that don’t fill us soulfully and physically.

To start changing your family’s life to enjoy products that serve you both soulfully and physically, start with my Lifestyle & Wellness Questionnaire. This free report will help you get started while honoring your budget and desire for better in your life. Take the questionnaire here:

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