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Luxury vs Lavishness

I think we have become misguided on what living in luxury looks like. By this I mean we have mistaken lavishness for luxury. We see people lots of things, a big expensive house and cars and think they must be wealthy. Yet when we look deeper we often don’t see the very thing that was hoped for by accumulating things. Fulfillment. Contentment. Happiness. At the core of it all is the basic need to feel security where we can be our best self. In my opinion, lavishness doesn’t make that happen.

Lavishness is extravagance and excess. Our closets are packed to the point we can’t close them, our mailbox is stuffed with bills and yet we want more. It is like an unfilled hunger that never goes away. We think by having labels, brands, trending styles we are letting others know we have made it in life. We are living our best life. Others with less see this and mistake it for wealth and all the things they cannot have or have not figured out how to get. Life looks easy, carefree and all that any of us could wish for when we have it all.

What I have found is lavishness is often a topical element only. It can go away as fast as it came leaving someone’s life in financial ruin. It is accessible to those who can afford and is unforgiving and exclusive to those who cannot. There is jealousy, greed and manipulation possible because we become threatened by others who may take what we have. We become limited in where we go, who we associate with and what we do because it can be seen as unsavory to be seen doing something outside your circle. We purchase things to the point we don’t know what we have and yet we are always taken with the latest new things.

Luxury on the other hand, especially natural luxury, doesn’t care what your income, hairstyle, hashtag or lifestyle looks like. There’s not comparison of house sizes, car and clothing brands or even the latest trend. It is not driven by these things and yet it can be seen, felt and experienced in all the ways we physically see lavishness. The difference is luxury doesn’t go away or become inaccessible when your bank account is below a certain amount. Natural luxury cannot be bought and yet it feels divinely rich against our skin and fills our soul in a way lavishness never can. Luxury is within us all the time and isn’t competitive with who has more. How could we even begin to compare and compete with something that is uniquely custom fitted to us?

When we feel luxurious we feel rich, confident, fulfilled and carefree. We are aware of our potential and make the calculated risks to get to our goals. Our life represents where we are going and what is important to us. We have an energy and appeal that is attractive because it stands out. It is in how we move, respond, think and experience every day life. We are happy and know we have enough of what we need and everything we need to be successful, fulfilled, complete. Luxury is an energy in us that radiates when we think life is limitless and filled with possibilities. It is experiencing our best day and giving our best to it every day.

The biggest difference in lavishness and luxury is own perception of what it looks like. We have mistaken a good life to mean all these things we own and yet that often doesn’t give us what we need. We mistake a big social media following for friends and yet we feel lonely. These are lavishly excessively bold things that make us stand out but don’t give us the attention and spotlight we crave. Being monetarily rich and having lots of things, houses and cars seems like a wonderful way to live but often the same problems we have when we don’t have all that are still knocking at our door.

GIven the choice I would choose luxury over lavishness. I would choose something custom to me. Something I could manifest and expand knowing I could count on it to always be there. I would choose long lasting quality and security. I would choose my natural way of being me and feel the best I could feel every day of my life; looking forward and feeling happiness in the process. This is what living naturally well feels like. It is what happens when we choose our own path and begin to unpeel ourselves just wanting what is on the surface. It is allowing nature itself back into our life to heal, improve our health and soothe our soul until we remember who we are.

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When we are living in natural luxury we are comfortable in our own skin. There is no drive to be more than what we are because we know that is enough. We can have a beautiful life regardless of our background, past and bank account. We are empowered to make life what we want it to be and know what feels best to us. The image we hold of this is usually not anywhere near lavishness. It is more simple, comfortable, reflective of who we are. Luxury is radiated from how we feel in all that is around us so our life becomes colorful from that. We see the beauty around us and see through the things that are not in it for the long haul. We seek quality over quantity.

Living naturally gives us that luxury in life. It is generated through our own thinking and world view and what we surround ourselves with every day as important. It is how we see things and respond to them; how we use that energy to make up our own mind. The choices we make are aligned to what is right for our own needs and future. It is not based on this idea of scarcity but rather we will find the exact fit, enough of and perfect thing suited for us. It is such a simple switch that can turn a dismal beaten down life into one that is uplifting and filled with positivity.

When we feel like life takes more than we get in return and we’re barely making it, that can really reduce our self-esteem. We start to compare, look at others as having it better than us and everything feels like a struggle. This where we start to crave lavishness because surely is we just had more of what everyone else seems to have things would be better. We’d be able to get a little ahead, figure out what we need to do and things would be easier. The truth is when we start thinking like this we put limits on how to deal with what is in front of us. We see only one way to make things better and this more. Lavishness.

Instead, when we are living naturally we know regardless of the storms we are in there is still luxury in our life. We have what we need. We feel complete regardless of what is happening around us. The need to compare isn’t there because we know we will get and have what is right for us. We may not know how to do that just yet but we have the passion within us from the energy of luxury to create it. Living in luxury is a sensation that makes everything feel comfortable and personal to our unique needs. When we limit what that feels like with something just lavish we miss out on this whole other side of luxury!

I believe when we choose to see luxury as what it can mean in our life right now, right here we realize lavishness is secondary. We consider more important qualities like quality, craftsmanship, customization, and specifications aligned to who we are, where we’re going and what we need. There is enough for us and we are enough to enjoy, own, create, manifest and use this for what we need to do next in our life. Luxury is held within our own hearts and reflected back into all that we create around us. It expands whereas lavishness fades.

What I find beautiful is the more we look for luxury in our life the less we settle for anything inferior. We feel so much more alive as ourselves that we become brave in not letting anything put us back into something that doesn’t fit perfectly. That is natural luxury. When we feel so much ourselves that we only settle for what is exactly right for us and what we want in our life. We’re willing to work for it of course but we know in our hearts that settling for anything less is just things. It’s lavish excess that distracts us from our true calling. It is coming to hear the song of nature within our own being until it is the only music we hear playing.

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