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Math is Not Simple

Our son really struggles with math. It might as well be the first time he’s seen it every time we need to sit down to do a lesson. You can see the frustration on his face often before we even get started.

There are just some things in our life that are not that simple for us aren’t there?

Hi, my name is Amy and I’m the owner of Dragonspit Apothecary. My goal is to live as naturally as I can every day and this is my video log sharing with you a part of that journey.

Math is the thing for our son that really gives him a time. There are things in my life too that. As in I have a list of things that are like that. Those things that I’m just not that good at and they take me a while to get done because of that. These are things that I have practiced but sometimes no matter how hard you try they just don’t seem to get easier.

I like to think at a certain point those things that we don’t do well can get easier. It is what I tell my son when he starts to get frustrated with his 4th grade math. It is very easy though to think that advice doesn’t always work in “real life.”

Yet is that true?

While some things may be frustrating for us, do we ever get to the point we master them or do we master the frustration only?

See for my son right now he’s mastering the frustration of 4th grade math. He knows as soon as we say the word math it’s going to be terrible. There will be tears and lots of time spent working out problems where he is just frustrated. Math is not going to ever be easier he thinks.

That’s when I realized how I often let those same things stop me from mastering things too. When I master being frustrated at something and lose the ability to master the thing instead.

Oh I think I’m trying and I think I’m giving it my best but in reality I’m really just fine-tuning my frustration about it. It was one of those aha moments I had recently he