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May Natural News

May is such a beautiful month. The cold winter memories safely packed away and in it’s place bright blooming flowers, fresh green grasses and new leaves bursting on the trees. It is the perfect post card month of what spring looks and feels like. These signs in nature that have changed from bareness, grays and browns now are a kaleidoscope of colors, scents and sounds.

The changes I see in nature this time of year remind of the work involved in making those changes possible. Even when we can’t see it there are changes occurring that all lead up to the time when those buds will emerge and open into beautiful blossoms. So often our own work towards a goal feels much the same way. We can’t see the progress being made day-to-day and yet one beautiful spring day everything just seems to come alive and we are much further along than we thought.

When I explore what it means to have my own business in addition to working full time, I realize the amount of work I put in each week to make both happen. There are days I’m exhausted and have a hard time finding topics to write about for the blog. I get frustrated with my numbers and try to solve the problems of any other business owner with how to convert and increase volume. I am constantly working on graphics, researching content and looking at what my clients want and need from me. At times I do still question if it is all worth it. Am I using my time, talent and investment wisely in having this business and will it lead to the results I have stated in my goals for it? The days I’m super tired these questions certainly come to top of my mind.

In all the materials I’ve read and podcasts I’ve listened the recurrent message is it’s all about consistency, persistence and pure determination that makes or breaks most people’s businesses they start small like my own. If you’re failing in business with low sales then you must have limiting beliefs that are getting in your own way. Remove those and just keep going even when you think it’s not working. Keep focused and stay the course. Apply what you’re are learning, track your numbers, make adjustments and you will eventually get the results. In a “gimme-now” society this advice is some of the most frustrating guidance you can get. I feel like I have patience but even I struggle with the just keep rowing messaging at points.

Having a business with direct sales products often has a bad rap which increases the frustrating challenges business owners face. It is often a deterring factor for many in starting their own business and the number one reason most give up on it early in the process. I once believed I heard no from potential clients more often than other types of sales because I had direct sales products in my business. I don’t think that is true but I also don’t think it’s always the business owner in their own way preventing sales either. The truth is this is a challenge unlike any other and there is no one way to win at it.

All this month my focus on the blog is going to focus on natural growth in our lives. For me this means that balance rather than stressful challenge between still working full time, running a business and keeping up with my family. Given that over 4 million people in the United States work more than one job I’m certain this is an interesting topic for you too. How we do more than just keep at it until we succeed and do it so it feels natural to us I believe is possible. We’re going to explore it together this month and look at some incredible ways to consider how to approach this in our lives!

Happy Spring!


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