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Momma Style Headaches

There isn’t a momma I know that doesn’t get one of these types of headaches. It’s the one that starts up in your forehead on one side of your head or the other and is a dull thump that gradually gets louder throughout the day. It’s the one after the kids been arguing or being challenging non-stop and you have a million things you’re trying to get done. Oh yes, it’s definitely the one where you’re hoping for a quick bedtime and long soak in the tub to try to ease that pain before you get to bed yourself.

No one tells you when you become a momma that there will be days your head is going to hurt but you’re going to have to press on anyway. It’s all sweet baby, enjoy the moment it goes by fast endearments instead of the truth. The truth is yes it does go by fast and there are many precious moments that will come from this experience but then there are the days when you have to wonder about all that. There are some tough days intermingled in all that sweetness where you want to pull out your hair but your head hurts too bad to attempt it.

When these types of headaches start up for me it begins over my left eye and eventually feels like a drill going through my skull. I can feel it coming on and try my best to reduce it because I know in a few hours it’s going to be really painful and I won’t have a choice but to lay down. Since I also have Meiner’s Disease as a result of my olfactory nerve being destroyed after years of severe sinus infections when that headache gets real bad I’m also going to get vertigo. Not a bunch of fun and certainly I don’t have time to be down for the count as I’m sure you don’t either. There’s not many momma’s I know that can.


Migraines, sinus headaches, stress headaches, or momma headaches all can sometimes be controlled to prevent the full knock out need from suffering in pain. When we can do something about it when we first feel it coming on we stand the best chance of avoiding more severe measures. Not that I don’t appreciate a nice nap but I would prefer one when it wasn’t because my head was being stabbed by pain.

Slow Down

I know this is a tough one for any momma but if you can slow down and maybe even take a break when this pain starts up you have a chance to apply things that will help including:

  • Taking a drink of water to make sure you are hydrated

  • Grab a snack to make sure it’s not from lack of nutrition

  • Determining what type of headache you are experiencing

  • Changing the mood and activity of the kids to be calmer

  • Giving your body a break to support healing faster


There are some serious drugs available for dealing with headaches. What I have found though is most numb the pain, which helps don’t get me wrong, but they have some equally serious side effects to my body like inflammation, liver function, blood pressure and so on. Good gracious I’m just trying to get my head from hurting not destroy the rest of my body in the process!

Sometimes there isn’t a choice in taking these meds because in the end you need to stop that pain but being able to step into it after all other means have failed to provide relief is really the best approach. There is a time and place for serious drugs and using them sparingly helps not only reduce damage to your body but saves money overall.

Steps I Take

As soon as I feel it starting I reach for the doTERRA Past Tense roller and apply immediately to that spot. I also put it on the back of my neck as far down as I can reach. Often I will joke that the name of this oil is indicative of my desire to have this headache be “past tense” so I can continue on with my day. The blend of this oil though counteracts that pain and helps my head deal with what is going on.

If that pain persists say in about an hour I will reapply and then if I can I will also get a cool damp cloth and apply it over the area as well. Yes, this requires laying down but I will do it for about 30 minutes and usually find relief with the oil and the cool cloth.

When that doesn’t work I reapply again and reach for the medicines. I’ve learned over the years not to mess with this pain for too long if there isn’t immediate relief because it will likely end up with me in bed really hurting. But I can usually spare an hour or two trying an alternative approach first before needing to get the serious stuff out. Since I’ve started doing this I find I haven’t needed to reach for the medicine as often and overall the pain doesn’t last as long or is as deep.

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Releasing the Pain

Instead of a cute diaper cake at baby showers I think we need to give new momma’s a relief kit filled with bubble bath, coffee, wine and doTERRA Past Tense. Being a momma is hard work every day but especially on those days when it’s not going so smooth. Those days will happen too and while they won’t make us love our kids any less because we’re praying for bedtime by 10AM, these days don’t have to totally knock us out either.

Having some natural options at your fingertips is a great way to protect your health and find relief. This is one of those great situations where natural and western medicine can live together in harmony and used to best support our needs. It gives us options that are effective both physically and financially. To learn more, visit our website:

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