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Moving Past Why

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

In network marketing there’s this big piece of training that encourages you to dig deep and define for yourself why you want to pursue this type of work. What’s in it for you? Where do you want to take it? Your scope of that definition becomes your encouragement when things are flat or you need motivation to keep going. It’s an incredibly powerful visualization technique that works quite well in small business. Your why can be a simple statement, word, paragraph or collection of pictures like you would put on a vision board. The ability to put words and pictures to our why for doing something makes anything we do from that point forward intentional and purpose driven.

Often these whys are to make a better life for our family, secure our future, live the life we dream and so on. I’ve heard some of my friends’ why statements and am amazed at their depth and beauty in how telling it is about that person and what is important to them. What they see in their future and what life looks like when they achieve it. Others I’ve seen reflect shorter term views or goals of near term needs and desires. Both are wonderful and fulfill the purpose and reason to develop a why when you start a business. Short, long or a mix media of representation, they are all beautiful in their own right and create that sense of urgency and purpose to chase, create, pursue, build and accomplish.

Having a why is important but what’s beyond that? Is there something more in the next realm that takes your why to the next level of completion or forms it into a lifelong passion that is deeper than the reason you get up each morning? Is there something bigger that your why creates only the window for opening that possibility?

When you apply a why to your small business in direct marketing where does it truly lead you when your why becomes manifested in real life?

It Starts with Why

Our ability to dream can lessen as we age. We start to see reality boundaries that limit what we think we can do or accomplish. We stop thinking the impossible is possible and just try to survive the daily conditions that hold us where we are. Perhaps we have achieved all that we can.

Perhaps we have gone as far as we can go. Do all limits need to be pushed and tested?

Humans by nature enjoy safety and security. We like to feel comfortable and know what’s coming so we can be prepared and proactively deal with something. We’re not good at surprises, especially the bad kind that threaten our safety, security and comfort. I am certainly not good at bad surprises that threaten my family’s financial security or that of our livelihood. Those pieces are the point where we define our why. We use these uncertainties to form a goal or vision of what life would be