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Moving Past Why

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

In network marketing there’s this big piece of training that encourages you to dig deep and define for yourself why you want to pursue this type of work. What’s in it for you? Where do you want to take it? Your scope of that definition becomes your encouragement when things are flat or you need motivation to keep going. It’s an incredibly powerful visualization technique that works quite well in small business. Your why can be a simple statement, word, paragraph or collection of pictures like you would put on a vision board. The ability to put words and pictures to our why for doing something makes anything we do from that point forward intentional and purpose driven.

Often these whys are to make a better life for our family, secure our future, live the life we dream and so on. I’ve heard some of my friends’ why statements and am amazed at their depth and beauty in how telling it is about that person and what is important to them. What they see in their future and what life looks like when they achieve it. Others I’ve seen reflect shorter term views or goals of near term needs and desires. Both are wonderful and fulfill the purpose and reason to develop a why when you start a business. Short, long or a mix media of representation, they are all beautiful in their own right and create that sense of urgency and purpose to chase, create, pursue, build and accomplish.

Having a why is important but what’s beyond that? Is there something more in the next realm that takes your why to the next level of completion or forms it into a lifelong passion that is deeper than the reason you get up each morning? Is there something bigger that your why creates only the window for opening that possibility?

When you apply a why to your small business in direct marketing where does it truly lead you when your why becomes manifested in real life?

It Starts with Why

Our ability to dream can lessen as we age. We start to see reality boundaries that limit what we think we can do or accomplish. We stop thinking the impossible is possible and just try to survive the daily conditions that hold us where we are. Perhaps we have achieved all that we can.

Perhaps we have gone as far as we can go. Do all limits need to be pushed and tested?

Humans by nature enjoy safety and security. We like to feel comfortable and know what’s coming so we can be prepared and proactively deal with something. We’re not good at surprises, especially the bad kind that threaten our safety, security and comfort. I am certainly not good at bad surprises that threaten my family’s financial security or that of our livelihood. Those pieces are the point where we define our why. We use these uncertainties to form a goal or vision of what life would be like if those conditions and threats were no longer as big a possibility as we think they are today. A why is oftentimes an accomplishment of removing those things that make us worry. It is the visionary end of things that keep us up at night and what we are willing to continually work towards to achieve that feeling of security, safety and comfort.

Once that’s achieved though, then what?

So you were able to take your direct marketing small business to the top of the game and were wildly successful so that you could quit your crappy day job and secure your family’s financial future … now what?

There are numerous stories about lottery winners who won a huge amount of money that you would think they would be well off the rest of their lives but instead they are filing bankruptcy a few short years later. How is that possible? For those of us that haven’t won millions of dollars we cannot comprehend how someone could lose all that money in just a short time and be back to work trying to make ends meat.

It’s been found that the reason these lottery winners end up bankrupt is because they didn’t move past their initial goals and set dreams in motion to secure things long term. They bought a big house, new cars, paid off everything and then didn’t know what else to do. They didn’t have the “now what” plan for what comes next. What happens when your dreams come true and your initial why is met?

Our why statement and vision of dreams coming true is compelling and motivating but after those are achieved we must realize our problems don’t go away and we have to be working to continually be finding that space beyond why for what comes next so that we don’t lose what we have accomplished (when we accomplish it), become stagnant in where we’ve come or end up with new problems we are not equipped to handle.

Life does get easier but problems don’t go away. Your why will only carry you so far.

Life Alignment

There is an old proverb that talks about a poor man being more happy than a rich man. The proverb describes how the poor man while he does not have much in terms of material things and money is surrounded by family, friends, work that uses his hands and this gives him a full heart of love gratefulness for what he has. The rich man is surrounded by luxuries beyond imagination, great comforts and is served hand and foot by those around him but is lonely and empty so he continually seeks more.

Money is not a bad thing. It is not evil and there is nothing wrong with wanting to have more of it. However, if our goals and why are solely monetarily based and fulfilled then the problems we have today will be the same problems we have when we are rich. Life is about finding happiness and peace regardless of your monetary circumstances. It’s about the relationships we form and doing things that feed our soul and enrich our lives. Sure it’d be wonderful to cruise the world and live in complete luxury without care about bills, cost or where our next paycheck was coming from but if we didn’t have anyone to share it with would we enjoy them as much?

When you define your why, if you’re almost there in achieving it or even if you have achieved it think about what’s next. Include that what’s next element in your why and in the motivating factors that keep you pushing through the tough times and pursuing that small business growth. Amazingly these elements will carry you further, motivate you longer and strengthen your decisions, actions and strategies you set for your business.

Don’t stop at where the training and encouraging messages lead you in developing the foundation of your business. If you’re going to start a direct sales small business then make it all it can be and give yourself the strongest stride possible to make that why and what’s behind it a real possibility.

Interested in more?

If you’re ready to start your own small business start with the cards stacked in your favor! That includes a strong why statement and a great supportive, collaborative and non-competitive team, like that you will find with us!

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