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My Natural Nature

It occurred to me for those that have been devoted readers of this blog that you may not know me that well. Yes I have a bio and all but here I am filling your phone screen every day with gentle words of encouragement and you’re like but who are you? Who is this person behind Dragonspit Apothecary telling me all this good stuff all the time? Is she just someone writing words on a screen or is she really this cool?

I’d like to think I was this cool and maybe I’m just downplaying myself but the truth is what I write here is directly talking to myself. It is my way of sharing what I learn of course but most of the time the posts I write are like letters to myself. The words that pour out are truly from my heart said out loud or at least on a screen, to get it out there. Where there is. Call it a living journal of my natural journey if you want but every word, idea, inspiration and more is of my own generation.

When I sit down to write it is usually very early morning before I go off to start my normal job. We’re talking 5 or 6 AM most days because the house is quiet and I can be open with myself this way. Some days the words come gushing out to the point I cannot keep up typing them. Other days I need to pay the bills, thinking about something else or more often than not getting mentally ready for my work day. It is by doing this though that I believe breathes life into Dragonspit Apothecary.

I am that working mom who is fighting the 20 pounds and exhaustion. The one that feels guilty because of needing to balance work and family. I’m that girl that just wants to feel like myself and has enough rebellion left in me to not conform any chance I get. My nature is to do things my way and right or wrong I feel incredible freedom from that type of action. I’m the mom who teaches her son to do his own laundry using natural detergent and still gets fussy about how towels are folded. It’s all of me in this patchwork quilt that makes up my life.

I would say my natural nature is to be brutally honest but lovable and loyal. I want the best for people in all sincerity and yet I’m not afraid to say what’s on my mind if I feel I’m being hurt in the process. My beliefs may seem old fashion to some but I prefer to think of them as simple, basic and honest living. It is what has worked most for me when I look back at what I have overcome and how I did it. Sharing that with others and what I have learned from it gives me purpose in this blog.

Yes I use essential oils, natural products and have become increasingly aware of what ingredients are being snuck into our foods. I am not anti vaccines but I do question if we truly understand the implications long term of such things. Have we really considered the alternatives and what else could serve the same purpose without the chemicals? I have become a person who questions everything with the underlying question being did we really honestly consider what else is the problem and how to fix it? In my own experience I have seen a lot of my own health needs served by backing away from the chemical cesspool of products and looking back at what is most simple. It has worked the majority of the time for me and my family.

This does not mean my family doesn’t enjoy Oreo’s, watch too much TV or that we are only eat organically produced products. I try to keep things in balance and realize we are a family still evolving on our own journey. I also realize what works for us in those situations and am honest about it. It would be deceiving to tell you otherwise. So yes, there is store bought milk in my fridge and usually peppermint and wild orange oils diffusing. It’s complicated but it is us.

What you will find here is my own experience, in truth and transparency. I have no issue telling you what doesn’t work for me and why. I also love telling you what I have found that does work and why too. More than anything I love sharing what it is doing to me as a woman, mom, wife, business owner and employee. All the labels, frustrations, challenges and stress that make up who I am and how I’m just trying to make it all work well. I don’t hold any illusion that I am an expert in any of it but think sharing what I am doing is at least one of the best ways we can all learn from each other.

When I tell you about my own natural living journey it represents what I am learning and how to do it in my own busy life. It is like an continual project of experimentation that I share the flubs, fails and funny stuff from as well as the aha moments. I always encourage you to try it yourself and see what happens too. That’s the beauty of living this way, is that we can each create our own version of it that looks and feels just perfect for ourselves. Where else can you experience that type of personalization in something?

So, if you’re new to reading this blog or have been a long time reader, THANK YOU. Thank you for coming along on my sometimes crazy, sometimes boring life ride to reflect with me on all the ways we can live more naturally well. Thank you for the curiosity that when it stirred in me it lit a fire that created this living journey of what was possible in my own life.

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