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Natural Influences of Inspired Change

What if we have it all wrong? That was my 3AM thought today as I was thinking at first about work and then wandered over to thinking about the world in general. What better place to think about fixing world problems than our own beds in the middle of the night right? This was a lingering thought though that gave me a shudder. It opened up all these worries and concerns over what exactly was happening in our world and why. Why had things gone so drastically wrong to the point we find ourselves in this place of being too afraid to be honest, open and kind to each other? Why are we so against books, history, and more that whether right or wrong is our own story of how we got here?


My own opinion on the political and society scene isn’t what’s important in this blog post today. I have plenty don’t worry but that’s not the focus. Rather, I think the revelation I had is this entire onslaught of anger and rage we see in our world is the result of people having too many opinions and not using them constructively. That may make some people mad with me saying that but hear me out first. When we have a strong opinion about something the first thing we want to do is say it out loud. We want to have others hear it and agree with us. Yet what if instead we used that opinion to stir action that put that opinion to work in a constructive, useful, purpose filled way? What if we spent the energy not trying to get others to agree with us but did our own thing to demonstrate how this opinion of ours makes the world better?

That was a heavy thought for wee morning hours but it stuck with me through the day. How often in our day we hear opinions. I started noticing how much of it occurred in my work day and found most of the time people are just talking. They are blaming others for problems, giving their opinion of what is working and what is not, how well someone is doing or not. Sometimes I feel people are just spouting opinions to hear themselves talk or to stir up drama at work. This is just one example but a microcosm of what I feel is happening on a larger scale in our world. We are just talking, stirring up garbage and looking for the drama because it is interesting, entertaining and exciting compared to our otherwise normal lives.

What if instead, we actually put our opinions to good use and did something with them? There it was again, this thought that by now had become like a repeated song in my head. Instead of getting frustrated, arguing my point and spouting my own opinions, why didn’t I do this instead myself? Would anyone care? I didn’t know the answer to that but the more I explored that question the more I realized it didn’t matter if they followed or agreed. This was about my own needs and dreams to be satisfied not by others opinions but by my own hands.

The real revelation I was connecting on was it certainly is easier to just share an opinion but most of us are not intersted in acting on it. Yet without the action proving our opinion is right or wrong it becomes just words that add no value to the situation we find ourselves. The discourse in our world is not because we are without problems but rather that all we are doing is shouting opinions about it without any action to changing it. While it is natural to have opinions it is also natural to act on them as the true demonstration of what we value those opinions to be in our own life.

Maybe it’s because we don’t think we have the power to change things? This too could be the reason we just talk with our words expressing opinions but at what point in our history that we are so charged up about burning books over has that ever been true? If we read our history we learn there are pioneers who traveled unchartered across our country not knowing what they would find but they were pursuing their own dreams. They were not just talking about a better life and what that looked like, they went after it. Entrepreneurs and inventors alike took the chance to try something rather than just wishing for something to become financially fruitful in their lives. None of these people did anything right all the time and sometimes their adventure ended in disaster but they were not ones who just talked about what if and spewed opinions about it. They acted on it and became the stories of our history to show us.

I think we have forgotten the second part of what it means to have an opinion. We are so focused on followers and being an influencer but without the action and demonstrated results backing it, we are all just wandering around talking. Being a real influencer means doing what your opinion says and just trying to influence people to believe you it is true. It is non-violent energy that spurs creative and inspirational change so others want to improve their own lives like you have. Opinions without inspirational action are just words. They fall flat on helping us improve, change, enhance and enrich our own lives and that of our future generations.

So while I may have different political and religious views as you the common ground is that our opinions lead us to the same result of having a better world to live in. It is a space where there is room for both viewpoints to co-exist and let the pursuit of improvements take hold of us to live in a way that is naturally well for each of us. It is respecting the differences and seeking the common ground that we can work on together. The real revelation here is that the more we seek the natural connection to others, respecting their views but following those that truly inspire action are the true influencers in our world. In my own opinion we don’t have nearly enough of those types of people these days.

If you’re ready to embark on your own natural journey to let opinions be inspired action, visit my website at

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