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November Natural News

Like all of 2020, November seems as if it too has it’s own vibration that is different than ones we have known in the past. While we still feel this stirring for upcoming holidays we know they too will be different this year. Our large tables usually surrounded by ones we love to enjoy a meal and share time with may even be different this year but the need for connection is still very much alive. We may think we can stand alone and many times we do in life but there is always this welcoming, loving feeling that overtakes us when we truly connect with others.

November has a way of drawing us to reflect on our blessings. It is indeed a time to CONNECT with our own feelings and needs even the ones that are sometimes raw and need healing. This word connect draws us in, interlocks us to another, intertwines down to our heart in meaning and purpose. It is something we can avoid and ignore at times but November has a way of drawing it back up and making us face these feelings and needs.

At the basic level we connect with our surroundings. These become familiar to us, form our base and give us shelter from physical and emotional challenges. Feeling these connections reminds us of gratitude and thankfulness no matter the grandness of our dwelling. It is our refuge. We all have this one place that gives us this feeling. It can be a physical building or space in nature but there is a place that our hearts call home and we feel it’s healing powers when we need it most in life because of its connection of meaning to us.

When these places become filled with those we love and hold special in our hearts they become home. We often take these relationships for granted because we count on them always being there. We can be ourselves and share all of vulnerabilities in this safe sacredness of connection with another. We feel this need to protect, sometimes overly so, to keep these connections safe and in place. Loss here leaves us with pain that takes a long time to heal from

and can prevent us from connecting with others in the same way again.

By far the most powerful connection we have is with ourselves. Yet here too we often forego the time necessary to develop these connections because other things seem more important. Sometimes we ignore them because it hurts to face them but they become reflective in us limiting what is possible if left. It is an appetite to be connected in body, mind and spirit because anything less leaves us feeling incomplete, dissatisfied, constantly finding new things to distract ourselves with and an emptiness we can’t seem to fill. We spend so much time searching outside ourselves to fill these needs that we often don’t believe the answer is within us. Being connected and attuned to ourselves allows us to have enriching connections with others.

It is natural to need others even when we don’t want to admit we actually do. In our need for these feelings of connection we sometimes don’t always make the best choices for who fills these needs but we always learn from those decisions and it always leads us back to our realization we must connect with ourselves. These situations help us define our true needs and discern where it is worth investing to build those strong ties with another and where must shore up our own strengths. It’s like marriage where you continually grow and change together over time but constantly trying to shore up those ties to one another to keep them strong.

Connection is natural. It is where we can grow into our true being in body, mind and spirit. It is where our nature can evolve into what is right for us and lead us to the places of our greatest dreams. It is how we heal, transform and emerge from the challenges we encounter on our journey. While healing is a personal journey it still requires connection with out soul to occur as much as it takes connection with others to lend support where we need it. Sometimes we are our own cheerleader which is fine and sometimes necessary but it definitely feels good to know someone else is also pulling for you.

All this month on the blog I am exploring this word CONNECT, including what it feels like, what it does to us and how to use it to live more naturally. By doing so, I believe we not only improve our own connection to ourselves with with others too. In a month of reflection on gratitude it only seems timely to look at what makes that possible is our connection to nature itself.

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