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November News & Specials

Here come the holidays and busiest times of the year.

While many of us look forward to this time of year there are a lot of stressors that can make what should be a happy time of year, sad, frustrating and even painful. I know there are times I just don’t feel as festive as I think I should and can get overwhelmed with all that is going on. This month, I’m going to focus this blog on navigating these stressors and finding support naturally so we can make the most of this time in the way that fits our needs.

Be sure to read through all the sections in this newsletter to catch all the great deals going on this month!

What’s New?

This month we have the incredible limited edition holiday items from doTERRA! There are new special limited edition oils, new diffuser options and new jewelry to fit you and anyone on your gift list. The holiday items are limited in quantity and will go quickly so be sure to get yours as early as possible.

(NOTE: The best pricing on these items will be with a wholesale membership (cost $35). Also you will not be able to use LRP points towards these purchases.)

My absolute favorite is the Dream oil blend that comes in a cute zippered oil bag with another oil blend called Radiant. The Dream blend was a special created oil containing all of the emotional aromatherapy oils in one oil blend! It smells absolutely heavenly and the best part there is something in it for every emotion you feel! Think about how many emotions you go through in a day, now you have a beautiful oil blend with everything already built in and ready for use! The Radiant oil is equally beautiful and both just make a lovely natural perfume to wear all year long!

dream radiant set holiday 2018

There is also of course the wonderful doTERRA Holiday Joy and Peace oils! I admit I have been pulling these out since October to use because I needed the support of Holiday Peace specifically. They are both a wonderful mix of all you would think the holiday should smell like and help create a cozy, comforting setting in your home.

$50 Free + Free Wholesale Membership!

New customers enrolling this month by November 30 who select an enrollment kit at the time of enrollment this month get $50 in product credits AND their first year of wholesale membership free!

family essentials
aromatouch kit

$50 goes a long way with doTERRA oils so this $50 rebate is a great way to have some extra handy for holiday items so you can share natural health options with those you love! Plus you will have a nifty wholesale membership to get all the cool natural products at discounted pricing!

On Sale in November

This month you can pick up the incredible the perfect holiday helper DigestZen Softgels for an additional 10% off! At wholesale pricing that equates to 35% off!

These are perfect for supporting digestion needs like heartburn, upset stomach and more when we need it. Digestzen is the go-to for holiday meals.


FREE Clove for Loyalty Reward Program Wholesale Members- New & Existing

If you participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) or you begin this month and place your order by November 15 you have the opportunity to get a free 15ml bottle of Clove.

Clove is incredible for your oral health, respiratory needs and holiday baking!


This program is free and means you earn points back on all your orders, including shipping points. The points can be used for free products of your choosing.

November Education & Events

Classes and Events

Come join us in person! All through November and December we have several classes and events planned all over South Carolina! For dates, details and registration simply email me!

Oil Camps

All new customers are automatically provided with a at-your-pace access to Oil Camps 1 and 2 as well as a series on Emotional Health. These camps provide you with information as a new oil user to use your oils safely, learn about fun ways they can support your health and access to our favorite tips. These are professionally made training materials that are completely free to my existing and new customers.

This is a wonderful way to start your oil journey or refresh on using oils effectively to support you and your family.

doTERRA Living Magazine

The fall edition of the doTERRA magazine is now available online! Inside you will find some great information about the new products that are available as well as the tips, recipes and information you’ve come to enjoy in this publication. Enjoy browsing online and then enroll with me to start getting this lovely publication in your mailbox!

living mag fall 2018

New Member Savings

All these sales and freebie options means it’s a fantastic opportunity to start a natural health journey AND save money doing it. We can no longer say natural costs more!

Here are my recommendations for how you can maximize savings this month:

Option 1: Free $50 & Membership Free

This is such a savvy way to start your transformation to natural health.

Select Become a Member at

Select the Home Essentials Kit – $275

Total Cost: $275

Savings: $171.25 47% off!


  1. $86.25 in savings on the Home Essentials Kit

  2. Free 1 year Wholesale Membership

  3. $50 product credit/rebate

  4. Free Wellness Consultation ($45 value)

  5. Free The Essential Life reference book ($22 value) -with LRP setup for December

Option 2: Simple Start with $50 FREE & Membership FREE

This option is ideal for the person wanting a smaller set of oils to start with and customize the experience for their own needs.

In this option I recommend:

Select the Aromatouch Diffused Kit OR Family Essentials Kit – $150

Total Cost: $150

Savings: $135 47% off


  1. $50 credit/rebate

  2. $32 savings on Aromatouch kit or $36.50 savings on Family Essentials

  3. Free 1 year Wholesale Membership

  4. Free Wellness Consultation ($45 value)

  5. Free The Essential Life reference book ($22 value) – with LRP setup for December

Interested in more?

If you’re interested in doTERRA’s oils and products and are not currently working with anyone, please let me know. I’m happy to help you and answer any questions you have so that you get the right products for your needs.

If you are ready to start using natural products to support and enhance your health, I recommend considering doTERRA. Their products are carefully curated and crafted to be 100% pure with no added chemicals, fillers or synthetics. I’m happy to help with any questions you have to help you can make the right choice for you and your family.

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