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October Natural News

I know a lot of us are wishing this year would just be over. There seems to have been too much that has impacted all of our lives personally and in our communities. We are craving some return of normalcy that tells us the storm is passing and we can start to look forward again. Unfortunately, I don’t know that wishing time to be over is the right answer for that as it robs us of the opportunity to make the best of this time.

This month on the blog I’m focusing on this idea of TIME. Too often we find ourselves wishing time would speed up or slow down depending on the circumstance we find ourselves. Time however isn’t the enemy or foe and it won’t necessarily change the results but rather it is simply the metric by which we can see things happen. Our use of time can be a tool to help us on our journey and see our progress or it can be used to see how much more we have to endure. Both however are just measurements on an arbitrary scale that can cause us to not live in the moment of now.

When I reflect about time I think about this time of year when we can so vividly see the seasons change. We feel it in the air and see it on the trees that the time is coming when the days will grow shorter in daylight. We find ourselves seeking warmth and comfort with one another and in our homes craving that sense of community and family. It is a reminder of what is most important in life and the preciousness of time for those things. It is also a time of harvest and preparation when we begin to think about the year end holidays and what is coming next.

It is also a time to reflect on our own growth and changes we are undergoing. I like to think of this time as a way to assess what I have achieved but also where I still need to work to reach goals I have for myself. There is still time to do those things but now it seems the right time to recognize the progress. Seeing what I have done allows me to see what it is I want to do next. Where I want to go and how I will get there. Not just in terms of physical environment but of my own body, mind and spirit. It is a time to reflect on how far my dreams have come into reality and where I need to shore up even more to keep them progressing.

Time is on my side most in this work when I recognize it’s usefulness. When I just wish it away or don’t use it wisely I find myself behind, overwhelmed, too busy or unmotivated to continue the work I have started. It becomes easier to push it off what I am not truly committed to doing or that seems too hard to accomplish easily. The time will pass regardless of my action however and I know if it is truly important I need to continue working on it. No where is that more true than in my health and that of my family’s health amidst a pandemic virus that constantly threatens at our door.

This month as I look at time in living naturally and what that I means I see a lot of situations where we wish time away. We hold back changes we know are necessary hoping time will take care of it. Thinking time will heal the wounds and heal our health and world is limiting our own responsibility and work needed to put into motion the things to do the healing. Time in fact doesn’t heal anything; it only makes it less in our view sometimes the more time that passes. Healing, changing, evolving, transforming is always up to us to do.

To live our best life every day is one way of saying we are living naturally. We are doing what is right for us individually and as a community. We are pursuing the things that enrich our life and putting in the work to manifest the life we want. This isn’t about materialistic or monetary things either but rather what we hold deeply in our heart that we know makes us feel our best. It is what gives us a smile on our face and brightens our eyes to feel and experience. That is more than just the comfort of what some money or a comfortable lifestyle can provide. This is an energy that turns time into a sensation of changes we welcome and create more of it because it feels g