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October News & Specials

Welcome Fall and welcome to the monthly highlights of all the important news and specials you need to know this month for living natural!

This month there is a lot to tell you! Seriously, this is a super busy month packed with some good information to support your natural health journey.  Our blog this month will focus on how our senses work in our health and effect things like our immunity and well-being. I also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about pumpkin-mania tastes and scents that so many look forward to at this time of year. There are also a ton of new products, awesome specials and incredible opportunities to maximize your savings.

What’s New?

So many new items were rolled out this year at the 2018 doTERRA Dream Global Convention! Many of these items are now available to you starting this month! I’ve had these items since convention and it’s been so much fun trying them all, digging into the details of how they work and understanding how they can further our natural health journey. I will be posting special blog posts dedicated to our experiences trying these items so keep an eye out.

The best way to get these items is by getting them discounted with your wholesale membership! That wholesale membership is going to save you at least 25% on all your purchases and a few of these would make wonderful holiday gifts!

There’s the awesome and super cute Kid’s Collection that includes a fun zippered pouch, 6 oil blends crafted just for children and those with sensitive skin and a fun set of flashcards kids can use to know which oil they need. My son LOVES this set and is using the on his own in the morning and evenings.

kids set.PNG

Then there are all these additional items that are also NEW and incredible and fun and you must get them! The OnGuard mouthwash is fantastic and so good for your oral health, the Body Mist is seriously my new found favorite skin treat!

I have just started using the new Yarrow/POM oil but per the scientists at doTERRRA this is a great alternative to CBD oil so if you’re concerned about CBD ingredients this may be a great option for you. Yarrow/POM is also good for metabolism so any of you working on some weight management goals will want to try this oil!

The other oil I’m loving is the Tumeric. This is great for cholesterol management and inflammation.  I’ve been taking 2 drops of the Yarrow/POM and 1 drop Tumeric in a capsule since convention!

Daily I put a drop of Copaiba under my tongue so how awesome that it  now comes in a softgel version! Copaiba is also a CBD alternative oil that you may find works very well for you. Be sure to check out my prior post that compared CBD and Copaiba –