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October News & Specials

Welcome Fall and welcome to the monthly highlights of all the important news and specials you need to know this month for living natural!

This month there is a lot to tell you! Seriously, this is a super busy month packed with some good information to support your natural health journey.  Our blog this month will focus on how our senses work in our health and effect things like our immunity and well-being. I also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about pumpkin-mania tastes and scents that so many look forward to at this time of year. There are also a ton of new products, awesome specials and incredible opportunities to maximize your savings.

What’s New?

So many new items were rolled out this year at the 2018 doTERRA Dream Global Convention! Many of these items are now available to you starting this month! I’ve had these items since convention and it’s been so much fun trying them all, digging into the details of how they work and understanding how they can further our natural health journey. I will be posting special blog posts dedicated to our experiences trying these items so keep an eye out.

The best way to get these items is by getting them discounted with your wholesale membership! That wholesale membership is going to save you at least 25% on all your purchases and a few of these would make wonderful holiday gifts!

There’s the awesome and super cute Kid’s Collection that includes a fun zippered pouch, 6 oil blends crafted just for children and those with sensitive skin and a fun set of flashcards kids can use to know which oil they need. My son LOVES this set and is using the on his own in the morning and evenings.

kids set.PNG

Then there are all these additional items that are also NEW and incredible and fun and you must get them! The OnGuard mouthwash is fantastic and so good for your oral health, the Body Mist is seriously my new found favorite skin treat!

I have just started using the new Yarrow/POM oil but per the scientists at doTERRRA this is a great alternative to CBD oil so if you’re concerned about CBD ingredients this may be a great option for you. Yarrow/POM is also good for metabolism so any of you working on some weight management goals will want to try this oil!

The other oil I’m loving is the Tumeric. This is great for cholesterol management and inflammation.  I’ve been taking 2 drops of the Yarrow/POM and 1 drop Tumeric in a capsule since convention!

Daily I put a drop of Copaiba under my tongue so how awesome that it  now comes in a softgel version! Copaiba is also a CBD alternative oil that you may find works very well for you. Be sure to check out my prior post that compared CBD and Copaiba –

These are just a few of my favorites but we are continuing to try the other new items in our home so you have real experience to know what it may do for you. I’ll be posting information about some of these new products throughout the month but you can learn more about them now at 


Want to try all these new products?  You can! The convention kit is available for purchase and contains all these incredible products. When you purchase it you also qualify for the free car diffuser with 3 limited edition oils!

convention kit special

On Sale in October

To share the love of incorporating natural solutions into your life, you can transform your digestive system with 10% off TerraZyme.

This is a supplement I take daily as it helps break down foods we eat and ensure my digestive system is running optimally.   TerraZyme includes a variety of whole-food enzymes that help with the digestion of proteins, fats, complex carbohydrates, sugars, and fiber .I’ve written before about the diets we eat not containing elements our bodies can process so we lose essential vitamins and minerals in the process. TerraZyme helps that process by breaking down foods and supporting the elimination of things our body can do nothing with and that offer no value to our health. It is an incredible all natural supplement everyone should take.


October Specials

FREE 15ml Lemon for Loyalty Reward Program Wholesale Members- New & Existing

If you participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) or you begin this month and place your order by October 15 you have the opportunity to get a free 15ml bottle of Lemon. There are over 100 ways to use lemon essential oil from your health, personal care, cleaning and more!


This program is free and means you earn points back on all your orders, including shipping points. The points can be used for free products of your choosing.

Free Car Diffuser with 3 Limited Edition Oils

doTERRA has some of the best diffusers I’ve ever used. I have tried many from Amazon and other retails but I always go back to the ones from doTERRA because they work extremely well. I’m so excited to now have a special doTERRA car diffuser!

This cute little diffuser comes with 3 5ml bottles of limited edition oils including Kumquat, Clementine and Red Mandarin. Two of these oils were part of a special Mother’s Day special a couple years ago and have not been out since. They have lovely aromas that are uplifting, cleansing and pleasant.

Red Mandarin is great for uplifting moods, clarifying your skin and supporting digestion.

Kumquat is super for cardiovascular health, digestion, immune support, metabolism and nervous health needs. It also helps with mood and focus while providing a revitalizing feeling to your energy. This is an ideal oil to use around the home for cleaning surfaces and air filtration.

Clementine is wonderful for mind and emotional support. It too helps with immunity, respiratory and digestive needs as well as endocrine health. This oil has wonderful cleaning properties for the home too!

Imagine what a drop of any of these oils would do in your car!

october car diffuser special

Try It With Me! FREE Balance Deodorant – Wholesale Members Who Setup LRP This Month 

I have been on the hunt for a natural deodorant that works and holds up. In trying this new one from doTERRA I may have finally found one and I want YOU to try it with me!

If you Become a Member this month and select one of the incredible starter kits that comes with a free first year wholesale membership and setup your LRP to start in November, I will give you a free doTERRA Balance deodorant!

For my existing customers not on LRP, if you setup your order this month, I will also give you a free doTERRA Balance deodorant!

This is a brand new item that will be available in October and is much, much less expensive than other natural deodorants. However, YOU can get it free by Becoming a Member and selecting a starter kit this month only.

balance deo

The Essential Life

This is the reference book to have in your hands. Even the most experienced user refers to this book for tips, information and resources. In the front of this book is a large listing of conditions and symptoms along with recommended oils for each. Then the book beautifully describes each oil in great detail and provides helpful uses and resources. It is a great compliment to natural essential oils.

By enrolling as a new customer this month and setting up your new Loyalty Reward Program participation by October 31, I will give you this book. (Value $20) My gift to you because I know firsthand how much this book will mean to you on your oil journey.


October Education & Events

Convention Tour

doTERRA does a series of stops around the country and Canada to share the information that was presented in the convention held in September. These informative workshops are a great place to hear firsthand all about the new products and hear about the science and research that is continuing to influence this area of health.

If you would like to attend a convention tour stop in your area, please see the list of cities and links to register. They are free to attend and you can pick up many of the new products on the spot!

You can purchase a convention kit that has the new products all in one set for you to bring home with you at these events!

To get the best pricing on the new products, you need a Wholesale Membership. For just $35 the first year you can receive at least 25% off all your purchases. Become a member today at our website –

Personalized Wellness Consultation

If you are interested in natural solutions for your health and home but are not sure:

  1. Where to start

  2. What products are right for you

  3. If you are using your current products safely and correctly

  4. How to use them with your family or pets

  5. What brand is right for you

  6. What other ways you can use your oils and products

I invite you to a free 30 minute personalized wellness consultation with me!

In these sessions we will go through your specific needs and interests and I will recommend essential oils and natural products specific for you, answer your questions and provide any support you need. You may ask any questions you would like.  If you are interested in setting up a personal wellness consultation at a time that works for you, please email me at amyk@dragonspitapothecary

 Oil Camps

All new customers are automatically provided with a at-your-pace access to Oil Camps 1 and 2 as well as a series on Emotional Health. These camps provide you with information as a new oil user to use your oils safely, learn about fun ways they can support your health and access to our favorite tips. These are professionally made training materials that are completely free to my existing and new customers.

This is a wonderful way to start your oil journey or refresh on using oils effectively to support you and  your family.

doTERRA Living Magazine

The fall edition of the doTERRA magazine is now available online! Inside you will find some great information about the new products that are available as well as the tips, recipes and information you’ve come to enjoy in this publication. Enjoy browsing online and then enroll with me to start getting this lovely publication in your mailbox!

living mag fall 2018

How to Maximize Savings in October – New Members

All these sales and freebie options means it’s a fantastic opportunity to start a natural health journey AND save money doing it. We can no longer say natural costs more!

Here are my recommendations for how you can maximize savings this month:

 Option 1: Car & Home

With the car diffuser special this month, it’s super easy for new users to have a beautiful set of oils to use in both their home and car!  Here’s what this would look like:

Select Become a Member at

Select the Home Essentials Kit – $275

Total Cost: $275

Savings: $396.75       41% off!


  1. $86.25 in savings on the Home Essentials Kit

  2. Free 1 year Wholesale Membership

  3. Free Car Diffuser with 3 Limited Edition Oils ($200 value)

  4. Free Balance Deodorant ($8.50 value)

  5. Free Wellness Consultation  ($45 value)

  6. Free The Essential Life reference book ($22 value)

Option 2: Simple Start

This option is ideal for the person wanting a smaller set of oils to start with and customize the experience for their own needs.

In this option I recommend:

Select the Aromatouch Diffused Kit OR Family Essentials Kit – $150

Add on 1 bottle Terrazyme  – $30

Add 1 bottle Peppermint Beadlets – $11.50

Add 1 bottle OnGuard Beadlets – $15

Total Cost: $206.50

Savings: $360.50   37% off


  1. $50 in savings with the Aromatouch Diffused Kit

  2. Free 1 year Wholesale Membership

  3. Free Car Diffuser with 3 Limited Edition Oils ($200 value)

  4. Free Balance Deodorant ($8.50 value)

  5. Free Wellness Consultation ($45 value)

  6. Free The Essential Life reference book ($22 value)

Interested in more?

If you’re interested in doTERRA’s oils and products and are not currently working with anyone, please let me know. I’m happy to help you and answer any questions you have so that you get the right products for your needs.

If you are ready to start using natural products to support and enhance your health, I recommend considering doTERRA. Their products are carefully curated and crafted to be 100% pure with no added chemicals, fillers or synthetics.  I’m happy to help with any questions you have to help you can make the right choice for you and your family.

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