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Pushing Against the Wind

All this month I have been sharing information and support for how to align in our lives. Living in natural alignment creates flow, helps things run more smoothly and feels good to us. We have less stress, are less challenged in balancing all of our demands on time and attention and feel more in control of our life. While being in alignment won’t eliminate stress or drama it makes it more manageable and we can actually realize happiness during it all.

When I ride my motorcycle there is an incredible wind force that presses against my chest, arms and head. It is both strengthening and humbling. I feel strong because I am riding against the wind and yet I also feel the winds power over me knowing it could easily take over the control. When I turn my head to look at traffic or shift into a curve I feel the changes in the wind pressure against my body. The wind pushes against me non stop. I enjoy the ride and it is exhilarating and freeing to feel this power between myself, my bike and the wind. This is my image description of what it is like to live in alignment.

When we are trying to change something in our life or make life mold better to our needs it can feel like we are pushing against strong winds and not winning. We can feel exhausted from doing, pushing, acting and giving all the while thinking we are not getting results or making progress. It may seem we are moving against the tide and perhaps we are doing everything wrong or making it harder than it should be. While this can be true I like to think at times doing these types of pushing is actually redirecting the tide, wind, life demands to fit our needs better. If we only move with the crowd, fit in what we are told is right or not rock the boat we can often feel dissatisfied, unfulfilled and incomplete. Sometimes in life we have to push a rock uphill and push against the wind to carve out the right space for us.

Making the space to live in alignment is not always easy. As much as I strive for that ideal positioning for alignment so things feel in balance, stress still gets the best of me some days. I get overwhelmed and tired from it all. There are definitely days where I feel I’m not doing a good job at anything and things I’m doing are against the tide of sanity. However, as I’ve learned more about myself I have come to realize it’s ok to be different. It’s alright for me want things that are not trendy or seen as common. Living in alignment for me can look different from others and it can still be right… for me.

When I feel the stress of every day life creep in I try to recall this image of my motorcycle rides with the wind pushing against me. I try to let it renew me rather than drain me in those situations. That simple shift in viewing how I see the pressure in life can make all the difference in how I respond to it and feel more in control of the situation. Again, I am still human and not always this graceful but this is my aspiration to do as much as I can.

What helps me a great deal in this work is including natural products in my life. That touch of nature in as many aspects of my routine, actions and movements is a connection that is centering and reinforcing the strength I need to move against challenges, let it form around me rather than push me. I can keep the perspective that I am able to use the challenge, stress, situations, circumstance to uplift me rather than drain me. This process lets me align to what is right for me and strike the delicate balance between enjoying the wind push me and using it to positively influence me. Sometimes that makes all the difference between me being a stress ball mess ready to implode or being able to take a breath and see things differently.

Some of the oils and products I use in this process include: (NOTE: I only use doTERRA natural products for oils and supplements due to their transparent quality on every single product they sell)

  • Frankincense

  • Balance

  • Breathe

  • Clary Sage

  • Patchouli

  • Cedarwood

These oils are all grounding and allow me to calm my mind first and then slow my breathing to focus not only on what I’m feeling and needing but on what’s going on and how I can respond. Using these oils in a diffuser or on my body is like having a count-to-10 moment with me at all times. Sometimes that’s all I need to realize I can treat whatever moment I’m in with stress more like a motorcycle ride with just wind pushing against me for strength and not negative experiences.

As I moved through developing the posts for this month’s focus on aligment I realized how much I have grown in this area and how much I still can improve on. It is encouraging to find those nuggets of progress where I can let life not drain me but rather uplift me when it gets crazy. I can find that balance of letting my needs still be known and me despite anything else going on. I don’t know that we ever really master this perfect alignment at all times but rather it is an ongoing process of learning, evolving and emerging into who we really are and letting that truly be our driver in all that we do.

If you’re interested in exploring what options are best for you in adding in natural support to support your work in alignment schedule a free Discovery consultation call with me! I’m happy to talk about your needs, hone in on what’s most important to you and how it fits into your life and budget. Schedule online here:

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