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Releasing Emotional Weight

We often think of weight gain as the culmination of poor eating choices and overindulgence. If only that was the real culprit then it would be logical that eating better would lead to weight loss. This is not to say we generally could not do better in our food choices but I blame this limited theory on the diet and medical industries who have separated us from understanding how the human being works in its wholeness.

When we see a health problem as an isolated situation, such as physical body weight that is in excess, we diminish ourselves into individual parts. We lack the clarity to see the situation and ourselves as a whole. For example, if we break our arm, in the medical and pharmacy setting the arm is isolated from the rest of the health of the body, mind and heart. No mention of what is happening elsewhere in the body is addressed or what it is doing to us mentally. Certainly no mention of our feelings about it are discussed either as all attention is directly placed on that fracture only.

We are more than bones, muscles, tendons and organs.

Our elemental design is not something that can be treated successfully if we isolate parts of ourselves. It is not how healing occurs in our body. By discounting our emotions and spiritual needs in health we disconnect ourselves from ourselves. Even when it is seemingly “just a broken arm.”

Using that approach we immediately see the gaps and fail points in the diet, medical and pharmacy space when it comes to weight loss and weight management. We have been marketed to and told by doctors and pharmacies, the diet industry of companies and nutritional advisors that all it takes to lose weight is restriction of foods, using diet foods, and increasing exercise. The old adage calories in equates to calories out and if you can’t get them all out, eat less.

Less is not more when it comes to weight loss. This is why dieting fails every single time.

The truth is weight is never just about weight on our body because we are more than our physical weight. We are human beings in a human body that has complex and individual needs that are not always easily aligned to restrictive dieting and harsh workouts.

It also is not a matter of lacking willpower and motivation. Anyon