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September Natural News

Posted on September 3, 2019 by dragonspitapothecary

Happy Fall Y’all!

This is the start of the busy season in our lives as we start to think about what we need in preparation for rest and comforts inside. We are harvesting and reaping what was planted, nurtured and watched closely for what grew. Autumn leaves may be starting to show the splendor of color as we take in the warm weather and cooler nights but this is only the beginning of what could be a period of grace and beauty in your life.

When you think of harvesting in your life what does that look like? Are you filled with grace and love for all that is around you? Does every aspect of your life beam with joy? Do you see your soul fulfilled with the work from your hands? Are you on a path that is leading you to your desired destination of freedom?

Where does it not feel like that in your life? Where do you see your harvest not reaping a bountiful offering from your labor? Where do you not feel rewarded and fulfilled from all that you have put into it?

What a Harvest Looks Like

For me that harvest is part of the ongoing progress of seeing my family’s financial freedom secured. It is the freedom that I am building to be able to spend afternoons with my son helping with homework or playing outside instead of working. It is enjoying stability even when the job market stutters. It is being able to work doing things that fulfill me and bring me peace. It is using my hands to create and develop what I can proudly put my name on.

What does the harvest of your work look like to you?

When you look at your life are you seeing what you desire being constructed or just floating in dreams? This is the season to start plans that will lead you to seeds you can plant and nourish to fullness in a harvest.