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Sharing What it Means to Live Naturally

It seems weird to me to need to explain that we need nature in our lives. I think inherently we all know this but somewhere it gets disconnected. It gets muddled with the noise of living every day that gets piled up on our shoulders. We lose sight of it among the stress and chaos of dealing with something else. This happens so often that when we hear we need more nature in our life it seems brand new and fresh.

At some point in the human journey we stopped seeing nature as more than just something pretty to look at. We started measuring the temperature, tracking the seasons and making nature less personal. It was something to be managed like the weeds in our own yard so everything was contained. We stopped being dazzled by the gifts of nature and instead worked against it for a perfection of our own mind. Perfectly lined flower beds surrounded by neatly trimmed lawns of the perfect height and color. Nature controlled and managed to our own need to fit in to a larger trend where all the lawns look exactly the same.

The ability to reconnect with nature is more than just going on a picturesque vacation to see scenery of it. It is the very process of inviting nature back into our daily lives and using it to fuel all we do. It is a resetting of what it means to live well. Sharing that is what I do for a living. Helping others realize a lot of the problems we have and feel in our body, mind and spirit are the result of this disconnection with nature. Our own nature as well as Mother Nature. Sharing the secrets of living well naturally is nothing more than explaining we need more nature in our lives and less of the chemicals, toxins, preservatives, pre-packaged and stuff that is making us sick and taking us farther from nature. Something all of us inherently know but struggle to bring back into our life.

Opening up to the possibility we could be doing this living thing better is where nature shows us a path unique to each of us. The more we unravel from the noise, chaos and stress of living and focus on our own nature and real nature around us, the more connected we become. The hunger for fulfillment, reduction in problems slowing us down and pursuit of the living our best life within our grasp. The struggle of getting there made easier because we find the natural tools that actually work to help us make progress finally.

Sharing what it means to live naturally is an awakening. That awareness that we can take back control of our lives, feel our best, not settle and maybe even have it all no longer the stuff of pipedreams. This awakening brings us the awareness we are actually in control of more of our life than we realized and we can make it exactly what we want it to be. We are no longer weighed down by the numbness of exhaustion and overwhelming stress because our focus is on ourselves. Our senses are restored and the feelings in our body and mind no longer able to sit still with renewed energy.

Can you even imagine feeling your most energized, well rested self every day?

The ability to capture that essence of nature in our very own being is what it means to align with nature. We create this by using nature in all that we do as much as we can. The effect is noticeable. It makes us feel good. It smells good as in it actually smells pleasant, supportive, comforting and healing. We feel different. Better. Awake. Those feelings that maybe we haven’t felt in a long time start to come back to us and we start to feel like ourselves again. We start to figure out what it means to be ourselves.

I can’t say for sure how it happened but I noticed it one day. I wasn’t as tired at the end of my work day. What happened didn’t bother me as much as it used to and I found myself making choices that changed what wasn’t feeling good in my life. It was like cleaning out a closet of clothes I didn’t really like anyway but kept because well I must of at one time thought they were me. No more though. I wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin and body. My own voice guiding me to what I needed and wanted. It happened and I never looked back to how things were before. I continued going towards what was feeling right and alive.

It is not the fact that essential oils work or don’t work but rather what they do for us that changes us to be more alive and healthier. Sharing that with others is a big job because not everyone is ready to step into that feeling. We grow comfortable in feeling numb, complaining, tired, stressed thinking that makes us unique. Our problems can’t be like others and therefore we can’t fix them with a drop of this or that. Maybe not. However I have found those willing to try realize it is not the oil but what it does for us that promotes the changes we need throughout our lives. We become unique in who we are more so than a set of problems could ever define us.

If you are ready to share in the nature of living well, let’s connect. Follow me on social media (dragonspitapothecary on Facebook and Instagram) and on my website

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