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Sharing with Real Passion

Anyone who sells a product, through direct sales of a small home based business, knows what it means to share something with passion. It consumes you with hope, excitement, and love of doing something that fills you with a happiness not usually associated with work. There is nothing quite like it in fact given most of us don’t have nearly as much fun in our day jobs. While for some this feeling may not last, there is no denying its existence and where it can lead. People see their dreams come true all the time so why not where it matters in our financial livelihood and work?

Unless you have tried it, the feeling and experience is difficult to explain. After all it is still work, a business in fact, that requires effort, strategy and savvy. It may succeed or fail and we usually only hear about the failures or frustrations or the small percentage of those that make it to the top. Yet when we get started we think of possibility, opportunity and an energy that I certainly have never felt in my day job takes over. Keeping that energy alive is what makes the difference in what that initial feeling can turn into long term. The possibility that it could turn into something real. That however, is a misnomer, as it is real from the very first moment, dimming only when we lose our initial excitement and do not replace it with passion. I personally believe those that believe direct sales don’t work and cannot amount to much are the ones that did not find that deeper level on their own pursuit.

Direct sales requires a long term strategy that is executed in careful balance with reality and continual flow of the energy into it. That formula when consistently applied develops into the passionate energy that starts to reap rewards where mountains move and dreams start to be reality. We see the realistic opportunity and what that could mean in our life.

It is too easy to get wrapped up in the dazzle of the dream rather than the work to get there though. It can’t be helped, that part does look wonderful but losing sight of the now and how to get there is still needed in that viewpoint. Just like any goal worth pursuing, the journey of getting there can be challenging work but well worth the end goal. This is where most of us give up in frustration because we can’t figure out how to make it go, move the needle or build momentum. It isn’t lack of wanting but lack of strategy, skill or a number of other things that can cause this to happen. We may end up blaming the business for the failure but upon deeper perspective we can see our own mistakes and lessons in that too.

Sharing this passion with someone who has never had it often leads to being misunderstood. We are seen as radical crazies chasing friends and family to buy from us as we tell everyone about our products. Most people don’t get us. They cannot appreciate the journey we are on or what this means to us. Our vision of what is possible cannot be seen by them. Nor should it. Being in your own business is not for everyone. Having joy and happiness for what you do for a living is also not easily understood by those who don’t understand how that is possible. We are not alien though and what we are telling people is all true. It is possible to be happy, have it all and have hope for the future.

It requires an openness to curiosity and willingness to go beyond our comfort zones. It absolutely needs planning, a budget and strategy that tie to a larger vision that is both realistic and challenging. Then it needs our heart, determination, motivation and devotion throughout and especially when things get challenging. We must pour ourselves into it smartly and strategically to flow our energy continuously. The only way to fail is to give up. Then too it is not a failure but a discovery. Having that curiosity explored and knowledge aligned on what we learned from the experience gives us deeper clarity to our purpose and pursuits. Being in business for yourself may not be that for you but you never know where it will lead you until you try it.

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