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Showing Up Even When No One Else Does

Posted on August 28, 2019 by dragonspitapothecary

Every book I’ve read about sales and direct marketing says you have to be consistent in everything you do. The more you are consistent the more likely you will eventually see progress and growth in your business. Without consistency you are floundering and disorganized leading to being unprepared for when opportunity shows up. The philosophy is that just by being consistent you are outperforming a lot of people in this type of business. I believe they are right about this concept of consistency.

The fact is more people will start and then stop a direct sales business than any other type of work they take on in their life. It’s easy to start a direct sales business and it’s equally easy to stop them. There is little monetary investment so people have the freedom to say this isn’t working well and give up. Too often though they give up before they have even given it a chance.

We are uncomfortable when things get hard or challenging. We didn’t have a lot of time to give to this business anyway and it becomes a pain to keep up with especially when there is so little incoming new business . We get bored with not seeing progress. We get frustrated at the time and money it takes to bring in fresh leads and generate new sales. We realize we don’t have all the answers, skills, strengths and patience to keep it going so we turn off the sign and go back to our normal life. I believe even the most consistent and focused person will soon enough give up if they’re not seeing any progress. Let’s face it at some point in time after trying and trying and trying again there may be a time when enough is enough. Sometimes this is the right decision and sometimes it isn’t.


In direct marketing, direct sales or MLM, whichever you prefer to call it, there are millions of people who start out with a casual interest in what it could mean to start their own business, make loads of money and live life on their terms. This is a beautiful energy that can really change lives. Too often though we quickly become disillusioned because we realize it’s not as easy as we thought and there is actually quite a bit of work to making it come together successfully. There is a huge time commitment as well as strategy, approach and investment that we must personally do to make it successful. The beauty and challenge of direct sales success is that everything is up to you to manifest. If you don’t like responsibility, accountability and challenge then right upfront you know this probably isn’t for you.

The majority of us are working full time in jobs that we rely on for our pay, insurance, retirement accounts and paid vacations. These jobs are super important to our basic livelihood so if you have this little small business that isn’t bringing in some form of return for your time, money and energy sooner or later, probably sooner, you’re going to realize you need to put your time, money and energy somewhere else. There isn’t the luxury in so many cases to keep pouring what we have into something that isn’t giving us at least a little something back. Hence why so many quit this type of business and say it is bad, not worth it and don’t want anything further to do with it. But is it really the business that is bad or is it our own situation, investment, commitment and interest for what it really takes that has failed? Did we take on more than we realized but realize it’s just easier to blame something else than admit we were not poised to make the most of it?

I believe this give up and anti-MLM position comes from a couple different situations. First, the person who started their small business thought it was going to be “easy money.” When that didn’t happen quickly or was even a little bit of work or outside their comfort zone they washed their hands of it and said it was not worth the investment of time, money and talent. Second, when it turned out to be work and more work than they had interest, time or money for they gave up and said it was a scam. Unfortunately, these trains of thought cause a lot of stir that works against those that continue to press on in this business and those that have figured out how to make it work.

Again, it’s not the MLM that was at fault in those situations but our own naivety that overlooked the details of what it really means to start up and run a small business of this type. You can say MLM is not a real small business all you want but ask anyone who has succeed what they did to make that happen and then ask a person who opened and runs their own brick and mortar boutique. Guess what you hear? Their stories of what they did, how they marketed, how they sold, what business skills they used, how they budgeted, what they worried about and tracked will be remarkably the same!

There will be times in all businesses where things look bleak. Sales are down, people are not interested and you are pouring more into your business than you get out of it. If you want to be successful, you have to make the decision to be absolutely consistent despite that. You have to make the decision to stay true to your belief this is what you want and you will figure out a way to make it work. You have to put in the work consistently to foster that shift from bleakness and wanting to give up to seeing even a baby step forward. It is possible but it is entirely on you to make that happen.

For me, that has meant waking up early to write this blog before I have to start my job each day. It has also meant spending weekends and evenings away from my family to meet with prospects, teach classes and provide service to a customer. It has also meant hours creating courses to teach and provide to people with meaningful content who want to learn more. It has included my family helping to package samples and stuff envelopes. At times it has dominated my every waking thought and taken over my schedule. At times it has proven unsuccessful because people didn’t show up, didn’t respond and didn’t become my customer. It has driven me crazy and it has brought me joy. Yet I press on every day with trying it again, tweaking things along the way and creating new ways to shift those results when they are less than desired. I have created a consistency through determination that even though at times I’m not successful in meeting the sales goals I set I still put in the work with the expectation this will turn profitable and be what I dreamed it could be. That’s the difference in mindset between those who complain and those who are consistent.

Showing Up

I believe consistency is a close partner to showing up. You have to show up to those appointments, classes, parties, social media and other connection points even when no one else does. You have to be prepared, organized and feeling that this is the most