Simple Ways I Took My Career Back

We teach our children from a very young age to pick a career. Almost all make believe play and school years are focused on selecting the career that is right for them. We have all invested a lot of time and money for education, training and resumes to position ourselves to the best companies and opportunities in hopes it will be a long lasting secure situation for us. More often than not though we will work for several companies in our career lifespan and experience a great deal of disappointment. Some of the hardest betrayal I have ever experienced as an adult has come through my career. People I put my trust in and companies I relied on that left me reeling with pain and questions about why. Working in corporate America will definitely give you more than job experience.

The aspiring career I thought I would have appears successful on paper at least. Emotionally and physically though corporate America has left a bitter taste in my mouth. In talking with my peers and colleagues who are around my age it seems many of us have this same taste. We seem to get to this point in our careers where advancement no longer is the goal and retirement and peace in our daily work is more important because of the brutality we have experienced to this point. Maybe it was the times I was betrayed that led to this or I was simply burned out but I couldn’t deny I felt done with investing in my career.

While I felt done with it and just wanted a quiet little job to finish out my working years I knew that wasn’t possible. For one I still had too many years to work before retirement. Working wasn’t the issue either but rather the career part of it was. I could no longer ignore the impacts my career had had on my family, my health an my mental well-being. The stress of my career had taken its toll on my life physically, emotionally and even financially. My spirit was broken when it came to caring about my career and what I once believed would be my legacy.

Since walking out and never coming back was not an option I needed a strategy. For one I started building my business on the side, in hopes it would reduce my time in my career and give me that exit plan faster. That is still it’s primary goal but I have found it also gives me the place to put all the energy I once gave to my career. It is an investment in myself that allows my creativity, passion for helping others and doing good in the world that also pays me. Anyone who thinks direct sales is a waste of time obviously has not experienced it in contrast to a career that is sucking the life out of them. Direct sales has saved my sanity.