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Simplicity of Living Naturally

There is this space where it feels bare and minimal like everything you were used to being there is suddenly wiped away. All that’s left is the walls and bare floor. It’s empty. There’s nothing left to dust or sweep and it’s just space. In that space we find we are either comforted by the possibility of it or uncomfortable at the starkness. It is however when we enter this space and see pass the bareness to reveal the simplicity of what it means to live naturally.

I think we get used to all the stuff in life. We think our mantles need to be decorated with pictures, fake plants and vases to look complete. We get used to the noise and chaos in our life too. Like it is how life should be all the time, noisy and busy. If we don’t have life like this then it must be boring and we are missing something. When we have to be in the space of simplicity we itch to get out of it and back into the chaos because it’s more familiar to us now. The constant go of life means we’re pursuing dreams, building a life and living it the best. None of this is true of course.

Simplicity is not the same as simple. It can be but simplicity is the process of creating simple in our lives. Simple is basic, study and foundational. More of simple in our life means things are efficient, not fussy and well easy to live with. Having a great deal of simplicity in our life helps us have the time, space and energy to do the things we enjoy as well as build what is truly in our hearts for this life. It is the process of creating something out of nothing and having it be exactly right for us. Simple right?

When it comes to living naturally, simplicity is essential. It is when we strip away all the things that are stressing us out, burning us out and causing the problems we feel in our life every day. The constant exhaustion, lack of energy, missing out on things important to us, not feeling connected, loved, included. Feeling like we cannot be ourselves or use our own voice. Simplicity works because it is all about our own being. It is our safe space to be ourselves and not have to worry about keeping our guard up for fear of judgement.

Achieving simplicity in our life means assessing and being honest about what makes us happy, fulfills us and aligns with our heart. That is not an easy exercise at all because we form attachments to things that are all we have ever known. Like the familiar laundry detergent that our mom used that when we use it that is a reminder of her. Yet that toxicity is blocking our own ability to be achieve health and is costing us more than we care to admit we spend on detergent. It is breaking up with the familiar and replacing it with the right thing that works for us and brings out our best.

The simplicity of living naturally changes how we see things in every day living. We no longer chase what we’re supposed to want but rather we attract the best of ourselves reflected back through the things and people surrounding us. Everything becomes an extension of us and is custom fitted to our own dreams and desires. We live our best life every day and feel eager to start a new day for what is possible that expands the love and joy we feel. It is real and expansive.

Getting to this point is a journey where we shed the weight and burden of carrying all that we were told we should. The labels drop from our shoulders as do the continual demands on our time and things that drain our energy. If it is not restorative we part ways. If the giving is one way we leave it at the crossroads. We replace these things with what does make us feel good physically, mentally and spiritually. Those replacement things are from nature and represent the simplicity of living well. We realize we need so much less than we once believed to have a comfortable, fulfilling and luxurious life.

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