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Smudging the Neighborhood

I had this dream the other night I was wearing this gorgeous multi-colored maxi dress running barefoot throughout my neighborhood. Nothing unusual about that right? Just me running freely like a wild child throughout the streets going by the houses I’ve lived around for the past 15 years. The fact I was holding burning white sage above my head in both hands yelling at the negative vibes to be gone is probably weird though right?

After having this same exact dream for the next two nights, I concluded I was either using the wrong combination of essential oils in my nightstand diffuser or there was some hidden message I needed to decode. Perhaps I should also see where I could buy white sage in bulk and warn my neighbors before they called the straight jacket people too. If this was some divine calling I was supposed to be acting on I admit I was a little intimidated by the prospect. I tend to like my neighbors and hope they think me normal most of the time. This however did not sound like something that would be easily forgotten at the next neighborhood meeting. Deciphering this dream seemed important to avoid such embarrassment.

Burning white sage works to cleanse negative energies from around us. It is also commonly when you are moving into a new place to get rid of old energies. Given all the events that have occurred since 2020, I would definitely agree our world could use some white sage to cleanse the negativity, political mayhem and general chaos The idea I could cleanse my entire neighborhood from all of that and give us a chance at better by taking burning white sage down the streets could have some merit. Not sure if all my Southern neighbors would agree with my approach though. Perhaps I should start smaller by practicing in my front yard going around my house while chanting something incoherent to see what happens.

All kidding aside a good cleanse either done through white sage or physically through our body using natural products is healthy. Until we release the negativity, toxins and other things limiting our view we cannot effectively apply changes in our lives. We cannot make much progress on changes either. It is like cleaning out our closet of winter clothes to make room for pretty spring prints, including colorful maxi dresses that apparently I was dreaming of. There comes a point we all reach when we know we must change and that often includes breaking up with old habits, thoughts, patterns and things that don’t support the new vision we have for our lives and selves.

The part of the dream where I am barefoot is where the dream takes its most deepest meaning for me. I tend to walk around without shoes quite a bit so that is not unusual but it is significant in this particular dream. You know the immense pleasure of stepping barefoot into rich green grass that is both cool and comforting? It simply feels good to walk around on that grass feeling it tickle your feet. When we are barefoot in this way, we are directly connected to nature, Mother Earth. We are inviting the Earth’s natural energy into our body to radiate through our being to replenish us. This image of me going down the streets in my neighborhood barefoot is of spreading that good energy while I release the negative. A beautiful flow of out with the bad in with the good beyond that of just myself.

When we feel the healthy flood of good things in our life it becomes easier to step away from the things not serving us. We can appreciate what those old things did to bring us to this point and then peacefully see them off while we welcome new. Sometimes we need that in our lives. What we had only carried us so far and now we need new skills, new connections and new thinking to go further. The power of positive flowing up through our own being from nature makes that transition smoother. I prefer to think of it coming up through the feed because it feels within our power to create it. Whereas if it is showering down on you from your head downward it may be something you are not ready for and can feel overwhelming and hard on the shoulders.

In this dream I remember feeling energized by doing the work of getting rid of these negative feelings. It was definitely a ground up feeling where you are just happy, jubilant even. Perhaps I had good news to share? I personally think it felt like the shedding of things that were isolating and lonely from what we have all lived through the last couple years. It was my soul calling out to connect with friends again, feel a part of something bigger and meaningful that was positive. In this dream, maybe I was the positive force too.

Once you start using nature in your life consistency, it has a funny way of showing you where more work is needed. If burning sage and cleansing your space isn’t quite comfortable for you then perhaps it is cleanse of another means that is needed. These messages are important to tune into and realize it is our evolvement and transformation that it is causing so we can come deeper into that relationship with our true self. A lot of people find benefit using essential oils and natural products to help them uncover those meanings that are right for them. That’s the beauty of natural living is how personalized of an experienced it truly is for each of us.

While I sadly will not be dancing down the neighborhood streets, burning sage I am intentionally feeling the need to come outside and see my neighbors. If I had to describe the meaning of this recurring dream I would say it is representative of the need to emerge from winter and into spring with some happiness in my heart. To feel alive with the excitement of connecting with others in friendship and being kind, gentler and friendly. Kindness is the stuff that feels good when spread around anyway and our world is in dire need of major healing. Perhaps this was a message that I need to do my part in helping to grow that more in the world.

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