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Stop Being Embarrassed You're in Direct Sales

Posted on September 17, 2019 by dragonspitapothecary

Why are we so worried what other people will say or think when we share we are doing direct sales?

Why do we feel so rejected and disappointed when they don’t seem happy or even supportive of our decision?

Why does their opinion take away the glitter and excitement of what we felt was right for us?

When I first started my direct sales business I was super excited but I was also shy about telling people about it. What would people think? Would my friends stop talking to me? Nobody likes direct sales so why in the world am I doing this? These questions and more rolled around in my head on the verge of overshadowing my initial excitement of starting this new adventure. Why was this happening? I had a really legitimate reason for starting this business. I had vetted this opportunity thoroughly and felt good about my decision but yet here I was mumbling when telling people about it. How in the world was I going to be successful if I couldn’t even admit to people this was now my new side business?

The negative stigma that can be attached to direct sales can sometimes carryover to our businesses and we suddenly feel defensive of it. Like we personally are somehow the reason people are turned off from direct sales and that everyone who has this type of business isn’t really a small business owner. They are real business owners first of all. Secondly, the tide is turning for what it means to work in this type of business. Yet, regularly we find ourselves awkwardly trying to deflect telling people what we are doing. This makes us uncomfortable and is probably causing us to miss a potential great opportunity to work with someone as a customer.

Direct Sales Isn’t a Dirty Job

Mike Rowe, a popular TV and radio personality hosted a show called Dirty Jobs. In these shows Mike would participate in performing manual labor jobs that were as disgusting, dirty, smelly and unpleasant as you can imagine. The shows were comical yet showed that many hardworking people performed some pretty incredibly gross jobs to make their living. Despite how the job smelled or how dirty they got, each person was extremely proud of what they did and here they were on TV with Mike Rowe showing him how it was done. It was actually very humbling to watch.