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Strategies for Building Wealth in Direct Sales

If you are in direct sales or tried it before then you know there are several techniques you learn about how to make sales. In how we learn to do this sets the tone for our business approach and is often what makes or breaks our business results. What I have learned is it is not only our mindset and skills that matter but also our larger perspective of what we are really trying to accomplish through this work. That answer helps us align to the right strategy to apply for those results.

Even though Amazon took off from a place of just selling books online to the mega empire it is now, that business started in a garage with just an idea. It took months and years to figure out all the details, investing time and money into them. It also took focus, determination and lots of energy. Often we only see the big bang results which truly are phenomenal but we overlook the path someone took that made it happen. I’m betting there were nights Jeff was worried about if he could even sell a book or where he’d find the time to focus on this garage business while working full time and paying his bills.

Our idea for what we want to build is just the beginning. My encouragement to you is to spend the time in this phase really digging deep into what you like to do and why. Often we just see the dollar signs that are possible rather than aligning the idea to our dreams. When you do this the focus becomes less on what you earn and more of what you manifest. The money comes and is just icing on the cake at that point because your heart is on fire with passion. It is the passion of what we do that is the biggest strategy we can deploy in bringing success to our business.

I sell essential oils. I am passionate about the products because I personally use them, my family uses them, they are literally everywhere in my home! Yet it isn’t the oils that people follow me for on social media or this blog. It is how I teach them to use their oils as a tool in improving their life so they can live more naturally. My idea wasn’t to sell oils. It was how to help people be happier, be more fulfilled, content, satisfied with their life. What makes that possible is considering how we return to the things that give us that feeling. I believe it is nature that does it for all of us and essential oils come from nature so they are a tool to forge that connection.

When you have the passion for your idea, the method for what your message should be and how you deliver it comes more naturally. It isn’t such a struggle to tell someone that you sell a product or that you’re embarrassed to say you signed up for one of those direct marketing companies. The product is just the tool for the lifestyle, problem resolution, support and experience you bring with it. That is a strategy not enough people are talking about and I believe is what is lacking in so much of our shopping experiences. Instead the focus is more on making sales and gaining followers. That in my opinion is the difference in how success should be defined too.

From that perspective other strategies begin to make more sense like attraction marketing, networking and even closing. It also becomes less work in the process of supporting existing customers. In my experience you cannot effectively attract or serve customers if you are not aligned in your own vision of what you are trying to accomplish. If your goal is simply money through making sales, then that is what is turning away the attention of your market. We are sold to all the time and we often buy a lot more than we need. We don’t need more of that! What we need is someone who gets us and helps us in a way no one else is understanding.

The truth is most of us are just numb. We are so stressed out, overwhelmed and tired we don’t know what we need or want. We buy things that we think will make the pain go away or help us relax so we can keep things going in our life. None of those things work because we are not connected to our own feelings. They keep being shoved down so we can focus on the other 10 problems needing our attention first. The best strategy I know to selling products is helping someone in that situation find real relief and results. Getting that numb locked door opened so they can feel like their true selves again. If all you’re doing is showing them more of what they are already overwhelmed with you won’t get to that heart.

Sales driven businesses are not easy but they are easy to give up. People walk away from direct sales because the results are not fast enough or they are doing all the things they were taught to do but not getting any momentum. It then becomes the Karen memes of hey girl buy my stuff jokes. I feel bad for those in that situation or that have had a bad experience with direct sales companies. It is not the company, product or even your upline that caused that situation, it is you. We probably went into it because we were excited about the product or were looking for some extra money. Those are good honest needs but we often don’t go to the next level in thinking what that means to say yes.

There is work involved to make any business work. There are also months where you will barely sell a thing. What makes the difference is the consistency to being true to what we are wanting get from this experience, besides the rank and paycheck. For me, that is seeing the changes in my own life unfold and hearing from others they too are seeing it happen for them. That awakening from being numb all the time and having something supports feeling our best natural self every day. The oils I sell didn’t do that on their own. It took me and my customers using the oils and making real strides in getting true to what was needed in our lives and working to make that a reality. The same is true for building a business with direct sales products.

If you are considering if a direct sales business is right for you, I encourage you to take the time to compare, research and learn what is right for you. Don’t just say yes because the offer looks attractive. Say yes because it aligns to everything now and in your future dream life. To find out if what I do is right for you and to learn more of how I can help you, visit and chat with me.

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