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Summer Cleaning

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Spending time cleaning your house while everyone is having fun outside during the summer is torture. It pains me to think of spending a precious Saturday running the washing machine, pushing the vacuum or dusting. I realize there are always some chores you can’t get away from like the dishes or a quick pick up of things but cleaning in the summer – no thanks!

After working all week I’m ready to relax and have fun playing preferably in the pool or at the beach. I don’t want a to-do list that contains any work or house chores or errands. Summer is about fun, letting loose and enjoying it all so how does it happen that sometimes those must-dos catch up and you can’t put them off anymore? I’ve developed some tricks or maybe they are bad habits – who can really tell – to cut down on the chores that can easily eat up an entire weekend.

Start with the Air

First off is smell. If your home smells good chances are people are less likely to notice dust, disorganization and minor things that you would otherwise have cleaned up and tidied. At our house we have 2 large dogs and a constant flow of neighborhood children passing through to the backyard pool. They come inside wet, there are towels, water shooters and toys strewn and sometimes it is noisy between them all. The house as a result can get foot and paw prints everywhere, a pile of towels and swimsuits on the washer and snack bags and drink bottles everywhere. It happens.

I will frequently setup a diffuser in the living room and run some of my favorite diffuser blends through it to keep the room smelling nice and fresh even if there is things everywhere. Doing this not only helps with the wet dog smell but also keeps energies and moods up so we can enjoy the time and memories and not be caught up in the spills, disarray and chaos.

My favorite for air purification and stinky odors is to put 5 drops doTERRA Purify in the diffuser and set it to run about 4 hours. This oil transforms smells in a very natural way and provides a clean smell without the chemicals. It is so much healthier and safer for all of us including the pets than those plug-in air freshners full of chemical fragrances.

On the air filters when we change them I will mist the new filters with doTERRA Melaleuca (tea tree). This oil is magic! It seriously takes the dust, dander and stinky air molecules floating in your home and eliminates them. POOF! Gone. Many hotels now offer PURE rooms that are hypo-allergen and they use Melaleuca in the air filter system in those rooms for this same reason!


As we all come in and out from the pool there are foot prints and paw prints on the floors. I’ve stopped seeing them as a chore and realize they are memories in the making of fun summer time activities we are sharing as a family. I also realize it means I have to clean my floor more frequently however despite the cute way I try to think about them.

Instead of the quickie wet wipes that are laden with chemicals, I have adapted my Swifter stick with a cloth cover that I can then use with all natural cleaners. For quick cleanup of the floor I will mix 1 Tablespoon OnGuard Concentrate with 1 cup warm water and dip the Swifter stick with my cloth cover on it into the mix. Then just like a regular Swifter I quickly clean up the trail of prints and drop the cloth in the washer.

The beauty of this is I don’t have to worry about what chemicals are being stuck to everyone’s feet or paws when they traipse through the house barefoot. OnGuard is an all natural plant based cleaner that is safe and effective in cleaning.

Hand Soap

When you have a house full of children from all over the neighborhood it’s a matter of minutes before someone says they have to use the bathroom.

In all our bathrooms I have replaced the handsoap with an all natural foam soap by doTERRA. Like all the OnGuard products doTERRA produces it is 100% pure, safe and effective at not only killing the germs but also does not contain chemicals to achieve that. It leaves a pleasant scent and I can trust those sticky little hands are clean.

After the fun day is over I can also use this handsoap to quickly clean up the bathroom counter and sink!

Interested in more?

Summer cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. Yes there will always be something that needs to be done but you can enjoy your summer and trust that what you are using when you do clean isn’t leaving behind chemicals or exposures that could harm your family and pets.

If you use oils and natural products today but are concerned about ingesting them then I challenge you to consider if what you use is safe for skin or respiratory use as well. Don’t risk your safety and that of your family and pets on questionable natural products. doTERRA’s oils and products are 100% pure and of the highest quality available so you can trust them and enjoy the benefits of natural health safely.

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