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The 1st Decision in Your Business

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

When you choose to start a small business with a direct sales company one of the first vital business decisions you need to make is what company and team you want to be on. You will always be presented the “opportunity” to join a lot of different teams and trust me every single direct marketing person out there would love to have you join their team but you need to make the right decision for you. This single decision will be the one sets the tone and structure of the culture you will have in your small business.

There is a culture within direct sales companies. It differs company to company and team to team but it is very vibrant and influential to those involved in that company and team. The culture can make or break the motivation, creativity and success of the team and individuals. Direct sales is after all an individual small business for each of us but our collective businesses are a heartbeat of a larger entity.

Finding the Right Company

To determine the culture you want to have in your small business you need to first determine what type of products and services you want to offer your customers. That is a bigger decision than you might think!

Start with what you like. What appeals to you and why? Is this something you will use and want to incorporate into your life? With direct sales you need to make sure this is something you will use because often there are minimum purchases you will need to make regularly to retain your active status as a distributor. In some cases too there may be inventory you need to maintain. Do you have space for that? When you are considering what products to offer consider what you are willing to personally spend money on each month to have in your life. Whether it’s make-up, bags and totes, travel, or essential oils and natural products what are you interested in and what can you benefit from having?NOTE: doTERRA does not require inventory and the minimum orders are flexible to align with budget considerations of you and your family. You also need to deeply consider budget when entering into business for yourself! Are these products you can afford?

Next, is this a reputable company that you feel good distributing their products and putting your name on to your customers? The reputation of that purchase is on you not the product. Do you feel so confident in that product and the company that you would put your own name on it? You are the face of your small business and as far as the customer is concerned you are also the face to the product you are selling them. It is vital to select a company that is solid, with a good reputation and quality product line. NOTE: doTERRA is a debt-free company with over 10 years experience providing the highest quality, purest natural products and oils. This company is committed to helping others locally and globally.

Finding the Right Team

Direct sales involves enrolling or signing on through another distributor. It is a wonderful way of helping one another build long term and strengthens the overall entity of direct sales. Selecting the right up-line is just as important as the team you yourself will build. This key decision imprints the start of your business’ culture, the motivation and messaging you will stand for and what it all looks like. Yes, you can change it but upfront you will likely adapt to what you are trained by your up-line.

When looking for the right team you want to join your friends and family are probably not going to fit. We love our friends and family dearly but they don’t always make the best business partners. Choosing your up-line is a business decision and needs to be treated as such because in most direct sales companies you will not be able to change. I’m not saying don’t go into business with your friends and family but to take under deep consideration what that means for your small business and long term strategy of building your success. If those relationships are able to be flexible to honor a business arrangement that is supportive, collaborative and distinct from that of your personal relationship then go for it!

Most of us though find that working with friends and family isn’t the best idea. We instead fall into opportunities to start our own business through contacts made through our friends and family. You may not know this person well but it is your job to find out if they are what you want and need in your business. Are you a fit with that person? Do you enjoy being around them? Is this a person you would want to travel with? Will this person be in your corner all the time providing the right type of support you need along the way? Spend time getting to know this person and find out what and where they can help you. Do they have a lot of experience in direct sales? Are they successful in their business? Do you find them inspiring and motivating?

It isn’t necessary to have a strong up-line person because you can make it on your own and never work with your up-line at all. However, starting out with someone you find pleasant to work with and that you know you can count on for guidance and help when you need is very beneficial in direct sales. Understand this is your business and you are ultimately responsible for the success and failure. Having someone in your corning helping you dust off when you stumble and celebrate the wins however is a wonderful quality of having a good up line person.

Interested in more?

Selecting your framework for your small business helps set the tone, tempo and culture of your small business. These are huge first decisions that will help your business get off the ground and thrive.

If you have questions or would like more information about my business or doTERRA natural products and oils please reach out! I’m happy to help you find the information you need to make a good decision for you.

If you’re ready to start your natural health journey and share it with others come join us! You need to get our business packs full of the tools and support you need to be successful. Check them out:

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