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The 40 Day Strategy

There is a lot of numerology and religious ties to 40, particularly 40 days. Noah was stuck on a boat for 40 days and 40 nights. The season of Lent is 40 days. Most pregnancies are for about 40 weeks. You can see that this is indeed a special number. 40 is a special time period because it gives us time for change using focused intensity and is just long enough to change a habit and literally birth an idea into reality.

Having a strategy outlined can give you what you need to build momentum in your business. I like to use a 40 day outlook in setting that strategy because it is a long enough window of time to see things change and modify where needed. 40 days is also an ideal time to form trends that you can use to build on this new momentum to further progress your business.

When you setup a 40 day strategy there are lots of things to consider which will influence what ends up on your 40 day road map. Here’s some of the things I look at:

Amount of time you personally have to prepare, manage and work your 40 day strategy. If you are short on time then your 40 day strategy may need to be lighter than what it may look like if you have more flexibility

Budget needs. Do you have the right amount to invest in your business to support the 40 day strategy?

Support of your plan. Having the right tools and support in place is key before starting your 40 day plan. Do you need a mentoring session? Do you need to practice teaching a class? Get the training, mentoring and tools you will need at your fingertips so you can focus on executing your plan.


Focus. What does your business need the most for the next 40 days? Where would be the biggest impact your could make in that time frame? Be specific. Saying something like “enroll a bunch of people” or “increase my volume” are tangible but when you think about the next 40 days what can you get done and still have an impact?

What to Put on your Plan

Once you know the focus, budget, and time and have what you need in place it’s time to put pen to paper. Outline on a 40 day view of a calendar what each day and week looks like. This should be the actions you take that will directly show progress on your focus for this time period. To help here’s some ideas that could work for your focus:

  • Make 5 new contacts per week

  • Touch base with your existing customers to check in

  • Book 1 class per week (online or in person)

  • Create a new class offering or ebook on a topic

  • Go Live on social media each week with a targeted topic

  • Offer an incentive to hosts if they book a class in the next 40 days

  • Send out samples and personal notes to your potential customers you’ve been working with

  • Rollout a new course offering

  • Do a Wellness Consultation on all your customers

  • Host a Make-n-Take customer appreciation event

  • Be a vendor at a local fair or market

  • Set up a “lemonade stand” in a local shop to share information and samples

  • Give your hairdresser a diffuser and some samples to use in her shop with your business cards

  • Have a secret host party

  • Be a guest on a podcast or blog

  • Write an op-ed piece for your local newspaper

  • Advertise on social media or local publications

  • Sponsor a youth sport team or local community event

  • Attend or volunteer for a local community event

Interested in more?

Imagine at the end of 40 days your business begins to show upward volume, you have classes on your calendar for the next couple months and things are moving in your favor. Having a targeted short term plan is helpful in giving your business momentum that can propel it forward. Short bursts of activities can lead to consistent incoming business and new leads.

Being successful in direct sales starts with having the right tools and wonderful doTERRA products at your fingertips. My Choose Your Path sets contain all the tools and templates you need to take your direct sales business to the next level of success. I also have special business planners for direct sales that support 40 day strategy planning. It's time to live life more naturally on your terms, join us today!

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