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The Alexia and My Weight Loss

The greatest conveniences in our life also tend to be our biggest curses.

It is so easy, perhaps too easy, to order something from my phone and then two days or less later, Alexia is telling me there is a package on the porch. Someone else took the time to get it, box it, transport it and set it behind my potted fern. I didn’t even have to step all the way out my door or put on shoes to pick it up. There was no worry or extra effort I put into it either.

A lot of my life is this way.

With the touch of a button, swipe of a screen, or message to the Alexia many things in my life are opened, closed, cooked, started, processed and delivered. It is indeed a wonderful convenience especially on busy days, which every day tends to feel like. More importantly though, they are checked off my to-do list and not thought about again until it’s time to do it again. It’s simply how we do modern life. Everything is efficient like that. Things we used to do all the time now don’t take much time at all and most don’t even really need us involved in them. I don’t even have to be required to even remember half of it because Alexia will kindly remind me of that too.

While the conveniences are wonderful time savers and helpful to my busy lifestyle, they have done one glaringly large bad thing to me. I’m not talking of being spoiled by looking like a pro at multi-tasking and being up-to-date on the latest Alexia capabilities, but rather the dark distortion this has all done to my patience of time. The things that take longer than 30 minutes to focus on are now a struggle to achieve. Alexia has killed my patience with anything that doesn’t work smoothly the first time too, because I expect that now of everything, including myself. I lack the attention span and motivation beyond that.

I am not blaming Alexia for the extra 60 pounds I now carry. I do however say that the ability to have information and anything else I want available 24 by 7 at the touch of my fingers has killed the ability to see some things still don’t work that way. Taking off that extra weight has not happened in 30 minutes or less a day or by asking Alexia and using the multiple pills, shakes, exercise videos, and various other tools that have arrived on my porch.

Yes, I know that is completely insane to consider.

The inability to lose weight and that has caused me to keep having to restart a new diet every Monday is in fact because I want results NOW. Yes, I understand the weight didn’t come on over night so it won’t leave that fast either but my brain doesn’t accept that. I am after all a modern woman who knows the p