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The Bad Boys of Selling

Posted on September 27, 2019 by dragonspitapothecary

You know how you tell your kids a ton of times that if they do “that” then they are going to get hurt. Yet, they do it anyway. You come to the rescue with the band-aids, kisses and hugs telling them it will be ok and it will, yet you could see it coming and did warn them. You know too they will do it again, probably. There are so many things in life our kids have to learn on their own and no amount of warning is usually going to stop them from exploring, touching, tasting and doing.

I am not saying your customers are children but I am saying that behavior of trying it despite warnings is how we are as adults too. We don’t like being told we what to do and we sure don’t like being told we can’t do something. Even if you are our mom we know what’s best for us as adults – mostly, kinda, sometimes. Perhaps that’s just me?

It really doesn’t matter how much you tell someone that the vitamin they’re taking isn’t doing anything for their health, the colds they keep getting could be reduced in frequency or that all that strong cleaner they use in their home isn’t good for them. They are going to do it anyway. They know what it is right for them right now. Telling them anything else is like selling to a brick wall. You will just not be successful.

So how do you get them to convert to be your customer and start using all the wonderful natural health products that you have to offer? How do you show them that by simple switches they could not only feel better but not have their nose hair burned by the toxic strong smell of their spray bathroom cleaners?

Getting a Chip in the Wall

Until someone is ready to change they won’t. Until they recognize their own problem they won’t work on fixing it. Until they see someone else living better they won’t question why they can’t. Until.

People need to feel compelled to change. They have to want it or be curious enough to explore it. They have to think about it. Most of the time we don’t realize we have a problem and think this is just how life is supposed to feel and be like. We forget what feeling good feels like or what having energy is in our body that doesn’t come from a coffee cup. We are comfortable in our own misery.